Do you wear your heals barefeet?


What do you wear under your heels(pumps) in the fall/winter?

  1. socks or stockings

  2. bare feet

  3. other (please explain)

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  1. I've always worn stockings/tights with my heels/pumps because most of the time I wear those shoes with a skirt/dress.

    I know it's a big NONO to wear socks/stockings with sandals, which is fine, since you get good ventilation.

    But since we are now pairing patent pumps with skinny jeans this fall, I see that none of the models are wearing any socks/stockings with their heels.

    So... do you wear your heels, pumps barefeet, like in the photos?

    Or do you wear socks? ankle length stockings?
    (I can't imagine wearing pantihoes under my skinny jeans)

    What about when you are wearing ankle boots? Do you wear socks? or go barefeet?
  2. bare feet for me, especially when it's with pants/jeans, plus its so hot out there! With skirts, it really depends, if it's a casual look, I don't wear stockings cos I hate them.. i only wear stockings if its an important business meeting in which I must look extremely polished..

    With boots though, i definately wear socks/stockings
  3. i go barefeet, simply because i'm too lazy to have to lug on a pair of pantyhose or stockings :P
  4. Barefeet
  5. :yes:
  6. I wear pumps from about april until nov and bare foot. Then i'm into my dress boots and depending on the boot i wear socks or knee stockings.
  7. I haven't owned a pair of stockings in years! I go bare-legged with pumps even in the snow and freezing temperatures. I do wear trouser socks with boots and slacks, however.

    I was looking thru the Neimans catalogue recently and see where tights with peep toe shoes like Louboutins will be in this season, so I'll most likely get a few colorful pair of tights. But traditional stockings? No way.
  8. Me too, but I'm of the old school: I remember when PANTIHOSE hit the shelves and we got to retire nylons and garter belts, much to the dismay of the boys I went to school with. :roflmfao:

    Socks are a big no-no, but sheer, skin-tone stockings are just fine with sandals in cooler weather. It only gets tricky if it's a slide type sandal or something with no way to clasp it on your feet/ankles. You'll slip out of those if you have stockings on!!!

    I much prefer stockings in the cooler weather. I feel more finished off, my legs look MUCH nicer and I like that they control the "jiggle factor" that I personally dislike.

    I know you younger ladies have no use for stocking or things like slips either. Don't know why. I personally don't want just anyone seeing my undergarments!! :shame:
  9. this fall i totally plan to wear opaque stockings with my pump's etc.... they just look so good
  10. Bare feet, also no "slipping out" of the pump!
  11. bare feet, I don't like having to keep tugging at the stockings to stay up.
  12. I do that too, I just don't like nylon
  13. I always wear pantyhose (with dresses and skirts) or stockings with pants in the office. If I wear boots (whether I'm in the office or not), I wear socks. The only time I don't is if it's open toed sandals or dress shoes (for work, I only do that on Fridays).
  14. usually hose, or at least some sort of barrier between my heels and the pumps--heel grips or something, otherwise I get major blisters from slippage
  15. I NEVER wear stockings, even when I'm wearing a skirt.