Do you wear your engagement ring all the time?

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  1. I haven't worn my engagement ring in about 10 days since I don't like it all, it's marquis shaped so it's pointy and sharp, it's too yellow, too small and it doesn't I just wear a diamond pave eternity band. We have been thinking of upgrading for a while now, maybe to a 3ct round. I wanted to know if you ladies who have above larger stones, do you wear them all the time, at home, etc? If you take them off, do you have a special place you put them? I'm really terrified of taking it off and just placing it something and then not remembering where (since I have little kids sometimes I have to move quickly without thinking if you have kids you know what I mean).

    Next Issue: Here is a pic of my eternity band, what kind of setting should I get for my engagement ring to match it or do you think I can't wear them together? 001.JPG (sorry for the blurry pic)
  2. Very pretty band. The best way to know what would look good with it is to go into a jewelry store and try a selection of different settings to see what compliments the band. You may decide you like a particular setting so much that you decide to wear your new engagement ring on your right hand.
    As for wearing a large stone daily. I do, becuase I love it and want to enjoy it. Unless I was doing something that would really risk hurting the stone, i keep it on. People say, "aren't you afraid to wear it all the tiime?" I say, if I only wear it on special times, who is to say that isn't the time I accidentally knock it or hit it? I pay a lot for insuring it. I am
    going to enjoy it!!!:yes:
  3. I wear mine almost always when I go out, but never at home, even if we have guests over. The times I don't wear it out are if we're going to be negotiating price on something as salespeople are very observant and I wouldn't want the ring to sway the negotiation out of our favor. When at home, I put my ring in a wall safe. I refuse to pay the exhorbitant price the insurance company wanted for insuring it.

    As Shaman said, you really won't know how a new engagement ring will look with your wedding band unless you try them on together at a jewelry store. In the past I've fallen in love with rings I've seen in pictures, then when I've seen them in 'real life' didn't like them at all - and that wasn't even trying to match it up with anything!
  4. My round is 3.67 and I wear it EVERYWHERE. I take it off at home and yes, it goes directly to the exact same spot every single time it comes off, I always know where it is.
    In my kitchen I keep a pretty little dish that I put my 2 daily rings into. I have 3 kids so wearing a big stone around the house doing laundry, dishes, dressing kids, etc. . . isn't practical. But I wear it to the store, gym, etc. . . .
    I agree about enjoying your nice things, wear them!

    I think a round solitaire would look pretty w/ that band.:tup:
  5. Thanks for the suggestions all. Swanky, I was just stalking your ring thread last night, TDF!:drool:
  6. I actually don't wear mine on the weekends running errands, when I'm at home, etc. I only wear my wedding band. When I'm not wearing it I keep it in my jewelry box.

  7. I wear 4ct everyday. I wear a bigger one when I go out somewhere but not for just everyday around-the-house wear. I keep all of my higher priced jewelry and items in a safe here in my home or locked up in my store.

    I think the best bet for you is to go to a trusted jeweler and have a professional check it out. I suspect you will likely need an engagement ring made to fit flush with your band. Sometimt it's hard to get the head to fit just right and it often needs to be notched/raised.

    It's pretty!!
  8. I really like your band, but have you considered moving the band to the right hand and maybe wearing your upgraded e-ring on your left?

    Just my humble opinion, but I think an e-ring paired with such a wide band may look to clunky (at least for my style!)
  9. I love my engagement ring so I usually have it on at home & when I am out. I don't wear my wedding band when I have my engagement ring on.

    I wear my wedding eternity band alone on my left hand when I'm walking the dog, running errands, when we have someone doing work in the house, etc.

    I have ring holders next to every sink I use in the house, on my vanity & on my bedside table for keeping my ring safe while I am washing my hands, cooking, sleeping, etc. They are wonderful & keep your ring visible. It's too easy to set your ring somewhere absentmindedly & not remember where it is. It also drives me nuts to waste time looking for anything I use every day (keys, jewelry, phone, etc.).
  10. ^^ I agree. I like the band alone.. nothing wrong with wearing your just wedding band for now.
  11. Lately I have been wearing mine whenever I leave the house (unless I am skiing or going to the gym), but for the previous almost five years I haven't really worn it much. Too much handwashing and messing about with diapers, and I was always taking it on and off. Usually I am very good about putting it in a little Japanese bowl by the sink, but I was finding myself sticking it in pockets or on random counters. . . so. . . I just kind of put it in the box for awhile, aside from dinner out.

    Re: your ring, I think a simple solitaire on either a simple, thin, plain band or a simple, thin, pavé band could look nice. But trying on a gazillion is so important, I think, as is finding the right stone to match the color and brilliance of those in your existing band. Hey, jewelry shopping is fun!
  12. Re: your ring, I think a simple solitaire on either a simple, thin, plain band or a simple, thin, pavé band could look nice. But trying on a gazillion is so important, I think, as is finding the right stone to match the color and brilliance of those in your existing band. Hey, jewelry shopping is fun!

    I agree.

    As for my own ring, I don't wear my engagement ring everyday. I'm always afraid of losing it.
  13. Your eternity band is beautiful as a standalone. If you go with a 3ct solitaire upgrade, make your eternity a right hand ring.

    I don't wear my original e-ring anymore, I wear a 7mm princess simulant that I enjoy more. I'm pretty rough on my hands doing chores, I don't worry too much wearing the sim all the time.

    I normally use my jeans pocket in a jiffy, on a tray on the kitchen counter, on a Waterford ring holder in the bedroom, or on a bathroom shelf next to my powder. Rarely anywhere else. Even if I had the equivalent in a diamond, I'd use the same spots to station my ring temporarily as it's safe and has worked for me for years.
  14. I wear my mine all the time except when I am out gardening and when I wash my hair. I chose a plain gold wedding band so I could wear it all the time even while doing dirty work. I have a crystal ring stand my ring goes on if I do take it off so I know where it is.

    I have had my engagement ring and eternity band soldered together as it annoyed me when they moved - it now feels like one ring and I love it.
  15. I bang my ring into things too much at home when I am doing housework. So I take my rings off when I'm at home and store them in my jewelry box.