Do you wear your DE with...

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  1. I know there was a thread about wearing Monogram with a black outfit (which I love by the way) but now I'm wondering about Damier Ebene...

    Do you wear Damier Ebene with outfits that are considered springtime/summer?

    The reason I ask... I'm a pretty neutral dresser, but I do own other colors and just the week before last I wore two different peach colored tops to work with sandals that have bright colored flowers all over them. I also live in Florida, so spring/summer outfits are more my normal mode of dressing. Do you think that a Damier Ebene bag matches with an outfit like that? I can't get it out of my head that Damier Ebene is a strictly fall/winter pattern, or spring/summer but with neutrals only.

    And of course, pictures would welcome! :flowers:
  2. I also live in Florida and I do wear my Galliera Damier Ebene with bold, bright and flowery dresses and outfits for summer. Confidence is key, you can wear anything with confidence because there's no cookie cutter way to dress.
  3. Yes. Ebene canvas isn't brown, it's black - covered in brown and reddish brown lines creating the muted brown look. Looks best with black IMO
  4. I consider both monogram and damier ebene a neutral and treat it as such.
  5. I agree that Damier Ebene looks great with black. That wasn't what I was questioning.
  6. I think it is safe to say it is a neutral. I have come to notice that DE looks stunning paired with Navy blue
  7. I guess it depends on the outfit in the summertime. I would not wear DE with a white dress, but I think it works in the summer.
  8. I usually put away the DE bags when I wear summery stuff.
  9. It totally does. But then again, that's more of a neutral so I have no problem seeing how that would look great.
  10. I personally wouldn't. I find DE to be very fall/winter.
  11. Not sure about DE and summery prints and colours. I agree it looks amazing with blue and cream, but maybe not so much with a floral pattern for example. Maybe if the DE bag is small I would wear it in such a combo, but not a big bag.

    I'd love to see pictures too. I could be completely wrong about this.
  12. I live in FLA too, I say wear what you like and think looks good. We don't have 4 seasons so use it year round as long as it goes with the outfit. I have to wear scrubs to work and carry whatever bag I'm in the mood to use.
  13. Generally speaking, I carry one bag and only one bag. So if it doesn't match, too bad. My only exception would be a super fancy dinner out, then I'll carry the one clutch I have.
  14. I also live in florida. few months ago I bought my Damier Ebene Speedy B is my daily bag :biggrin:
  15. Depends on the outfit. I don't wear DE bags with bright bold prints, as I feel it clashes.

    Also, I don't tend to wear DE in summer - I switch to azur and my pomme vernis alma mm.