do you wear your damier pieces patterned clothes

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  1. I just bought a saleya and love it but have a few patterned dresses I wear for work. I bought a cute black coach tote to wear with these things but as I spent so much at lv this month I was thinking of returning it. Do you wear your damier with your patterned clothes or should I keep the black bag for these days
  2. Most of the time, I prefer to use a solid-colored bag with my patterned clothes. If I do use my Saleya, it's more due to laziness or no time to switch bags.
  3. It really depends on how busy the patterns on your clothes. The Saleya is great...absolutely one of my all time favorites! I don't have a lot of patterned tops, but for example I do have a couple of theory blouses, one with very understated tone on tone stripes and one that is bold, coral with cream polka dots. I would carry my Saleya with the striped blouse but not with the polka dotted one.
  4. ^^ ITA - it really depends on how busy/big the patterns on your dress are. If they're very small and detailed (busy), then it probably won't work. If the patterns are bigger and not very, very "busy", I think it would work. Personally, though, I tend towards more conservative styles, so I probably would use a solid bag.
  5. I usually don't care if my bag matches what I have on or not, but if the dress is checker print, then maybe you should stick to the Coach bag on the days that you wear the dress!
  6. i usually don't even notice if my clothes clash with my bag, lol! honestly, my bag is more important...:love: