Do you wear your Cartier Love bracelet 24/7

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  1. Sorry, on a Cartier Love Bracelet inside you will see "750" which signifies 18K gold but I should have mentioned that mine is a 20 YG.
  2. I just recently got mine (WG with diamonds), in the beginning I took it off/on ,then last few days wore it continuously and it is started to get more scratches and felt sad. So, might go back to wear it off/on. But I noticed scratches close to where I screw /unscrew maybe that's another reason for scratches.
    And I am not sure if soap and perfume will ruin the bracelet? Cartier's instruction is to avoid all kind of chemicals. What do you ladies think?
    AND what about stacking the bracelet? It also causes scratches...
  3. I got mine about a week ago. White gold with four diamonds. I love it. Really really love it

    Im totally protecting it as long as I can. But I will wear it 24/7. I've made peace with the fact that it will scratch and scuff. But it will be fine. It's suppose to be worn and loved

    Would love to see photos of those that have worn WG for longer ❤️

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  4. Enjoy your Love Bracelet...
    I also got WG with 4 diamonds , in the beginning I didn’t wear it fail but for about years wear it daily.
    It has fine scratches no dents so it’s ok .
    The lady at Cartier Paris , she told me its supposed to be worn daily and you can do “ shining “ every 6 months. I didn’t wanna do the shining until I go to Paris . I hope I will go soon ...:smile:
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  5. Yes! And don't worry about wearing it 24/7
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  6. Wear it everyday... I've been wearing mine everyday for over 30 years... it just gets better with time... everyday is time for LOVE
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  7. Wow thats awesome. Can we see a photo of yours?

    Did you ever polish or had any issues with it?
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  8. Love it! What nail polish color are you wearing, love the color!!
  9. Thanks! Just white.
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  10. No problems ever .. had a deep scratch a week after I bought it, had it buffed out, then a buffing two years to make it look new and match the shine and newness of newer purchases but after that, I decided to let it be. I never take it off.
  11. I am a surfer and all the pro surfers and their girlfriends wear there's 24/7. Check them out on instagram, mainly pro surfer and 2 time world champion Carissa Moore from Hawaii :smile:
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  12. Yep.. white gold 4 diamonds over here too! :hugs: I’ve worn mine 24/7 for about a year (not long in the grand scheme). I have two young children and I am clumsy as hell. I tried to protect mine a bit the first 2 months, but then I got over it. My WG love is my most scratched and shows wear the most. But I don’t mind.. I kinda like it! Feels very “mine” :heart:

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  13. Wear mine 24/7 for about 2 years and only took it off once (move it from right hand to left hand).

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  14. Do you wear your Clou 24/7 too???

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  15. I brought it out today to see if I **could** wear it 24/7 stacked like that.. and to be honest I’m not sure I like the look. I may be a love girl through and through. So it may have to go on my other wrist. It looks beautiful as a stand-alone piece or maybe with my vca 5 motif ... it’s either that or it sits gathering dust :crybaby:
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