Do you wear your Cartier Love bracelet 24/7

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  1. Me too.
  2. I wear mine 24/7 they actually discourage you from taking it on and off. It's supposed to be worn all the time. To me the scratches just show the "love" of the bracelet
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  3. anyone wear 4 diamonds love bracelet 24/7? Worried about diamonds when doing house work.
  4. I've debated removing mine but when my husband bought it for me, I told him I would never take it off so I feel like I shouldn't be taking it off...but every hairline scratch breaks my heart so I don't know. I'll be watching this thread to sway my decision
  5. Yes mine is 4 diamond and wear it 24/7. I have my loves and juc all insured so I don't worry about it much. I check the screws 2x a week
  6. Same here...I'm also worried to wear that bracelet 24/7.
  7. Everyone's habits are SO different. It's interesting to learn. Since I'll get getting two thin LOVEs, I plan on wearing WG for one week, YG for another week, and combine them only when I have an occasion.

    I exercise a lot and I do all my housework in my home, so two bracelets banging against each other will surely drive me crazy.

    With the new screw system on the Thin LOVE, this will be more feasible because I can remove the bracelets myself, not bothering my husband every week or more than once a week. Hahaha. :smile::smile::smile:
  8. I have this and wear it 24/7. I cook, clean, and chase after 2 active toddler boys. There is mud, sand, and everything. It has scratches and scuffs, but it doesn't bother me. These bracelets should be worn!
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  9. mine is a platinum love and wear it 24/7 for nearly 6 years. I removed it twice for polishing service. Me too, I do all house chores and swim quite a bit.
  10. For me the whole point of the love is a 24/7 wear [emoji4] Yes it a commitment but that's part of the charm. As for scratches they are like my own personal roadmap [emoji173]️

    At the end of the day whether you take your love bracelet off and on is personal but for me I love the permanence.
  11. Why my SA advice me don't swim with the love bracelet?
  12. I wear both a love and JUC together 24/7. The only time it bothers me is when I work out so I wear a sweat band to prevent clanging/scratches. You can do this for house cleaning as well.
    I have had my love for 8 years and only take it off to clean. I couldn't imagine taking it off every day!! Wear it and enjoy it. Scratches are inevitable and give it character.
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  13. i think this is just a standard adv from any SA , as it is normal for people wanting to wear jewellery in best shiny condition ... for me as long the activities do not cause the jewellery to deform or affect my health eg skin irritation , is fine esp when i am so love and comfy wearing it 24/7 ... but again is individual preference :smile:
  14. I wear my all day long, rarely taking it off. I have a 750 for my small wrists and purposefully wear it as a bangle as I can't be bothered with the screws. My SA at Cartier said she liked that :smile:
  15. For those that do wear if 24/7, do your wrists ever get achey?

    What is a 750?
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