Do you wear your Cartier Love bracelet 24/7

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  1. Hello, I got my RG love bracelet few days ago, I wear it once and take it off same day. Im just afraid that it get scratches :sweatdrop::rolleyes: Im in love with my bracelet, i really love how shinny it is :graucho:. Can you guys please help me and let me know how to care and maintain your loves? and would it hurt the screws if i keep taking it on/off? i have the new system. also when i put it on, how tight should i go with the screws? i mean should i put more purser when its tight :cool: Thanks
  2. Same here, just got mine last Fri but have been wearing it since. I love it soooo much!!! Thing is I feel like it's better to wear it on my left wrist vs the right. It's now on my right. However, DH refused to help me unscrew / screw the bracelet coz he's afraid that he might scratch it. I would like to wear it 24/7 coz what's the pt of having it when you're not wearing it. But I'm also paranoid that wearing it while sweating & working out might cause it to look old & worn out soon. Hope to hear some good tips from others here. TIA.
  3. Congrats on your love ;) I wear mine left side, i use my right hand alot, so i decide to not wear it right hand. I got mine from my mom it was i gift, i screw it myself :biggrin:. yeah hope someone can answer us, i use alot of lotions, oils, perfumes ETC.. would this be a problem if it come over the bracelet :cool: im a beauty junkie:lol::lol::lol: HELP
  4. Congrats on your new "LOVE" bracelet!!! From what I can tell you about this system and how it works is from what I have gathered from forum members & Cartier SA! I personally do not own one and wish I did but for reasons that I have gotten chose not to get a "LOVE" bracelet.
    1) The "LOVE" bracelet is supposed to be worn 24/7 D/T the commitment of someone who loves you! So basically you are supposed to sleep, eat, swim, work, exercise and etc etc!
    2) Tighten the screws and NEVER take off your "LOVE" bracelet unless you are getting it polished (Every 5yrs? or more).
    3) The screws are made of gold! So screwing and unscrewing them will strip the screws, hence new screws need to be purchased!!!
    Also, there are threads about this and you should read about them to make yourself aware of certain situations! Good luck and congrats!!!
  5. Thank you ! I have the new system , the screws dosnt come off, its attached to the bracelet. Any info about products, hot water, sweating etc and how can it effect it?
  6. Taking it on and off is a big no no, it'll strip the screws. a lot of women wear a sweat band over it when doing house work to protect it.
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  7. Thanks, how about products coming on it? Like shower jel, shampoo etc? Tanning oil? I mean all stuff we use daily wht happen if it rub in the bracelet?
  8. People wear these bracelets 24/7.
    Relax and accept the fact that your bracelet will get scratched and develop a patina over time. You can have it polished, so enjoy your bracelet and try to stop worrying.
    Congratulations on a very special gift from your mother.
  9. Stop taking it on and off everyday RIGHT NOW! Seriously. It's meant to be worn.

    It's a solid gold bracelet, things wipe right off.
  10. I will :biggrin: thanks alot, i was just so afraid because it means alot for me, but as you say it meant to be worn :smile: thanks again.
  11. Thanks alot :smile: yeah its very special gift
  12. Yes, don't worry about wearing it 24/7 - it is meant to be worn. You will enjoy it so much more when you wear it all the time!
  13. Married 15 years and have worn it practically everyday ..!!! Enjoy it..!!!!
  14. Wow amazing, your so lucky, have you ever take it off and on? Or never take it off? How dose it feel after 15 years? Wish you the best and continue wearing it in a good health.
  15. I've been wearing mine 24/7 in the last few days but still a bit concerned about working out with it. Hope that it is ok. I always remove all my jewelries when working out. This will be the first one that I will be working out with. Hope it does not affect the screws or gold in any way. Just really paranoid since I love this so much more now than my other pieces... =p
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