Do you wear Wal-Mart/Target clothes w/ your designer handbag?

  1. Call me weird, but I have this fear that if I wear Wal-Mart/Target clothes w/ a LV or Fendi on my arm people might think I have a fake. Now, don't get me wrong, since I like to buy nice purses I try to catch the sales at Dillard's, Macy's, etc... and there are some things from WM/Target that are really cute, but I just try not to go to the clothes dept. Opinions?
  2. I dont usually buy from Wal-Mart(Just sweats) but, Target has a lot of cute clothes! I doubt people look at you and say "OMG she has a TARGET(Or WM) shirt on!" haha. I deff. wouldnt be able to tell! If people think your bag is fake, then thats their bad! You are going to have your uneducated people that think your bag is fake whether you have a D&G shirt on, or a Target shirt on!
    Who cares what people think anyway, buy what you like!!
  3. I don't buy from wal-mart, I hate wal-mart (I live in Northwest Arkansas, the land of wal-mart) but I do have to admit that I love the Isaac Mizrahi and Proenza Schouler lines for target, so yeah :shame:
  4. i try my absolute best (and believe me, it's hard!) to only buy things that are made in the USA or canada. this takes some effort, but in the end, i know my clothes were made under decent labor laws and not at the hands of a child, nor did the clothes travel 293849234234 miles to get to me.

    this said, if i saw someone wearing something from target (who does have A-DORABLE clothes!) rocking a birkin, i wouldn't think twice. we know the real deal from the phonies, so there's no guessing there!
  5. I love Target. I'd wear a cute top from Target with any bag, designer or not. I usually buy inexpensive clothes from Target, Express, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and Nordstrom Juniors and splurge on bags and shoes instead. Gotta balance the budget out somehow ;)
  6. love target, just bought their nicka and nora pajamas for flannel pajamas

    as long as i have a nice bag, decent shoes...buying clothing from target is fine!
  7. I think it depends more on how you wear the clothes rather than what they are, especially as you have nice handbags and probably shoes too. Those, more often than not, make the outfit. Example: I am going to this holiday party at work , so it is definitely NOT dressy at all, like we are changing out of our uniforms into civilian clothes. So I will probably wear a black cardigan, white shirt and dark jeans. But I will snazz it up with my gold flats and matching clutch. See how shoes and bag tie in the whole outfit that would be rather nondescript otherwise?
  8. I don't think most people would be able to tell that your clothes are from WALMART or TARGET. As long as you buy clothes that fit well, you will always look well-dressed.
  9. I shop at Target and I wear the clothes with all my bags. A lot of people make snide remarks about the "quality" of the clothing at Target as an excuse not to buy it, but I think the GO International stuff at Target is better made than the no name brands they sell at Macy's. JMHO...

    If something is cute, I'll buy it and if it looks good together, I'll wear it. I don't worry about where it's from :shrugs:...
  10. unless the person owns the exact thing you are wearing, no one will know. once I got a compliment on a target shirt WHILE IN TARGET from one of the employees!! haha.

    like people said, it's just how you wear it. there is a lot of junk out there, but Target has some really nice pieces!! I'm wearing one a mossimo button down shirt under my sweater today and alice temperly pants. I don't shop at walmart so I don't know about their stuff.
  11. :jammin:I love Target! I'd rock my bag with yoga pants out to the grocery store. I have no shame!=) LOL. It is really how you wear it, confidence baby. =):woohoo:
  12. ITA, word for word :tup:
  13. I get all my basic ts at target. I love them!
  14. I do not wear designer clothing at all and really don't care about designer shoes much either, but I carry a Chanel almost everyday.
    I don't think the majority of the population even notices our basg to be honest and I'm almost positive 99% couldn't care less! LOL!
    I know I don't! :biggrin:
  15. I agree... if you buy something nice that fits... they probably wont even know... but if they do just tell them u spent all your money on the bag