Do you wear uggs with or without socks?


Do you wear UGG boots with or without socks?

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    Yes, socks, just because...

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    No, without socks because I want to feel the fur ;)

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  1. I'm thinking about going sockless which I think is the traditional way, but I'm curious if anyone else does it.

    I tried it and it feels really nice, but I hope it doesn't hurt my feet/uggs/floor XD
  2. no socks.
  3. I wear it with socks, maybe it's just me!
  4. It's not just you...wearing any boot without a sock feels weird and gross to me.
  5. lol...I HATE socks!!! I live in flips flops and sandals so when I have to wear closed to shoes (when we are out of town) I just can not bare socks! I go bareoot in my uggs...fryes..cowboy boots etc!!
  6. uggs no socks. regular boots like Fryes,Durangos, etc socks.
  7. I must wear socks. I think my uggs feel itchy and yucky w/o socks. Then again, I even find cashmere itchy. I guess I am just sensitive. But I also find my uggs really hot - so I would hate to have sweaty feet (eww) in them and then the sweat just stays there and dries up.. haha!! At least you can wash yer socks.
  8. I wore them with no socks today, and I have to say I'm keeping it that way!! I've always like the feel of furry stuff/leather boots and stuff barefoot, so I guess uggs will work the same!
  9. I have always worn mine without socks. The older pairs have fur all throughout. I also just purchased a new pair of clogs with fur throughout.

    However, I just bought the "Catalina" style, which has no fur on the bottom, only sides. I so far have worn them without socks, but am considering wearing something like a ped with this pair. The other thing I thought about was ordering replacement ugg sheepskin to put in the bottom, then I'll go sockless.

    I would go with what feels most comfortable to you.
  10. without socks, but i wear mine as slippers so they don't leave the house
  11. no feet get sweaty if I wear socks...
  12. w/o socks
  13. They are actually meant to be worn without socks. Your feet will not sweat at all because the material is so breathable. Yet its so warm. That's the beauty of Uggs. Certainly isnt their looks lol.
  14. No socks. My Uggs are so comfy!!!!!!
  15. No socks with my Uggs! Love them that way.