Do you wear tights w/ all of your dresses in winter?

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  1. I love wearing black tights in winter b/c they make my legs look slender and you cannot see how ghostly white they are but some dresses need delicate shoes and tights don't seem to jive well to me with delicate shoes.

    I purchased a long sleeve BCBG dress in purple and I love the dress and am super excited to get to wear it soon but I tried it with tights (and a big leather belt that seems a bit overwhelming) and the look is too heavy to me. What do you think?
  2. I would get rid of the belt, it cuts the silhouette and makes it "havy" wear a loose belt instead and black kneehigh leather boots with heels to strech the silhouette you could also wear leggins instead of tights...just mho
  3. I actually like both the belt (where did you get that obi? I've been looking for one just like it!) and the tights. The tights make it a winter outfit to me, and I think it would look great with black boots or chunky black shoes.

    I do wear black tights or leggings with almost all my winter outfits, as I don't see delicate shoes as the realm of winter anyway, which is likely because I live in a snowy area where delicate shoes are only seen very rarely in the winter. A person can go bare-legged with delicate sandals for NYE or a nice dinner out, but otherwise it is rarely seen here after October.
  4. Love the tights, I think they are perfect with the dress. Not liking the thick belt. Perhaps a skinny belt instead? And a chunky statement necklace? Shoes....I agree, the thick tights don't go with delicate shoes, how about some chunky heels or mary-janes?
  5. I happened to walk into the Limited on a whim over the summer and they had one for $16 on sale but I decided not to get it since I never wear belts. A week later I decided I had to have it though and called to see if they had any more in stock and they had one left and it was on sale for $4!

    I haven't worn a dress in so long in the winter because its always been too cold or I had no place to go but that will be changing soon. I think I'll ditch the belt and maybe add some chunky jewelry to add a little more "heaviness" to the dress and balance it out w/ maybe some booties?

    I cannot wrap my head around wearing knee high boots with dresses. I think I have a complex about it ever since an ex-boyfriend and his mother later that same night commented on my "hooker" ensemble. I still don't believe it looked hooker-ish in the least bit but I have never worn knee high boots since except over jeans.
  6. i also like wearing black tights w/ all my dresses in the colder months.
  7. i like the belt and the tights with chunky shoes!
  8. I'm a fan! I think the wide belt cinches in your narrow waist. I live in black tights during the fall/winter months! I love the look with suede booties or high boots or black platform shoes!
  9. i wear tights all winter long with all my dresses, sometimes i wear my leggins too, but only when i wear boots with the dresses. I love the look of booties or boots with tights and a season appropriate dress
    i actually like how you paired your dress with the belt, i love belts and try to wear them with lots of stuff, sometimes i just put a loose belt on the hips with a tunic, tights and cute boots and off we go!
    Fall fashion is one of my favorites:smile:)
  10. I love wearing black tights with dresses during winter months.
  11. eveything looks better with knee high boots, or even black suede otk, in the winter, esp that outfit. love the belt too.
  12. I agree! Love wearing black tights during winter
  13. I like Catcat's suggestions. I think boots with more opaque tights would look better with the dress.

    I don't always wear tights or leggings under my dresses because it never gets too cold (California) but they do help me stretch my spring/summer dresses into the colder months.
  14. I like this dress, belt and tights! I think it is a very good choice of belt. Great!
  15. I like the whole outfit, I would just pair it with some tall boots.