Do you wear the strap with the SGH City?

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  1. I was wondering how to wear the SGH City with the shoulder strap, since the handles don't fold down nicely...What do most people do with the strap if the handles don't lay down?
    Sorry I did a search for this and couldn't find it!
    Thanks, i just got my first GH and am pretty much in LOVE:heart:
  2. I was thinking about this, too! I just got a giant city and thought mine was defective because the handles didn't flap down like the rh bags.
  3. Oh my gosh! I think it's because the giant hardware meets and prevents the proper laying down of the handles. I have only RH Cities and i never thought about it!
    Which one did you get? I got a Black GSH, and it is gorgeous! I never really thought I liked that one for me, but I got a new job and thought the GH was more dressy and not as casual.
  4. Does anyone with a City GH use the strap? Can you get the handles to lay down after it breaks in?
  5. they don't? wow, i read about this for the first time now. i think it was brunettetiger who once ranted that one of her GH bags was hard to break in. i can't recall if she had the same handles issue.
  6. I never thought about it before, but I guess it does make sense that the GH would prevent the handles from laying down completely. I never use the strap on any of my bags, though :nogood:.
  7. yea. the hw prevents the handles from laying down flat. but it doesn't bother me. i guess i have not been spoiled by the RH bags. my tomato GSH city has been pretty broken in, imo. and i've had it for around 5 months. i have used the shoulder strap, but no longer. i should use it again soon because my handles are turning black. :sad:
  8. yep it was me ranting:P I finally came to terms that a GH city is so different than an RH city in many ways, including the handles not laying flat. As the bag breaks in, they will lay down more, but not flat yet. I don't carry with shoulder strap because the handles fit over my shoulders just fine.

    But no doubt about it I am in love with my bag (Pine GGH) and feel oh so fabulous carrying her!:love:
  9. I use the shoulder strap with mine, and I don't get bothered by the handles not laying flat, although they do fold down on their own. I just don't like the thick strip of leather, the one that is supposed to go on top of your shoulders, so I don't use it, I simply slide it down so it does not go on my shoulders.
  10. Oh Good, I'm not crazy!
    Brunettetiger- You always look so amazing with your new bags! The handles definitely fit my shoulder, but it is a different look with the strap, and the GH strap is so nice and substantial compared to the thin RH strap( which I do Love)
    Overall the GH bag is a bigger more sturdy bag. I can't believe I got one, since I never liked them on me before. But after contemplating a chanel again, I got the Black SGH and am like:nuts::woohoo::heart:

  11. I got the NM LE! OMG, it heavy! I will still use it because its such a rocking bag, but it will definitely be on days that I don't carry a lot. It my first GH besides my violet sgh money. I only 1 black city and some other styles.:shame:
  12. brunettetiger, question, does the GH city have a better shoulder drop than the RH city?
  13. I leave the handles up, while using the shoulder strap. Whenever possibly I try not to use the shoulder strap as its really awkward with GH.
  14. Amanda, I really think it does have more of a shoulder drop and doesn't feel as snug as the RH.
  15. I dont use my strap. But i just checked and my bag is only half full and my handles do lay down flat! My bag is only half broken in :smile: