Do you wear the same makeup everyday? Or do you have a couple of looks and rotate?

  1. Do you just stick with one look until you bore of it, or do you have different shades for different days?
  2. I know what works for me. I've tried going for different looks but I always end up just going back to my regular look. I'm so boring!
  3. I do the same routine every day, but I switch up my eyeshadow colors. But I'm always wearing black liquid liner on my upper eyelids, and I rim the bottoms with black kohl pencil. I just switch up the eyeshadow colors I wear, depending on my mood.
  4. I wear the same basics everyday. However I switch up at night. I don't play around too much in the day because of work.
  5. I wear different colors but tend to wear them the same way.
  6. I do the same basic routine but vary my eye and lip colors. I don't ever experiment on weekday mornings because I have no time to fix any goofs...I have a few looks I like and rotate around depending on my mood and my outfit.
  7. I used to wear different colors and looks every day but now that I'm older I generally stick with what's tried and true. i may vary things, but usually within the same range. neutral colored shadows in varying shades and such.
  8. i have the same look on me everyday, unless i'm going out to a club or a special event; i usually change up my eye makeup.
  9. i usually just wear the basics:
    a bit of blush
  10. I wear different looks everyday because i for M.A.C.
  11. I do basically the same thing every day, just switch up eyeshadows, once in awhile I use black eyeliner, but mostly leave that for nights out, or dressing up. I never put on lip gloss...which is weird because i love it, but I really need to go shopping for that soon. *nods* :smile:
  12. my everyday makeup is very simple... just some concealer and lip gloss. i also curl my eyelashes, but usually no eye makeup. on some days, i'll wear blush so that i don't look so pale all the time.

    i'll usually pull some pages from magazines and try different looks when i'm going out, or for a special occasion, though.
  13. At night i go for the darker shadows, and during the day i use a lighter shade. Other than that i just use, eyeliner, mascara, conceiler, and bronzer... i'm pretty plain. Oh, and burts bees chapstick on my lips.
  14. most is the same, but i switch up the eyes and lips. love eye shawdows and lip glosses
  15. i wear pretty much the same look every day. i've finally embraced that i only "do my makeup" if i'm going out for the night (which is like 3 times a year). keeps me from buying a ton of products i'll never use.
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