do you wear socks with your boots? should i?

  1. i just bought a pair of dries van noten boots. they are styled with concealed platforms and rather chunky but sexy heels (like an oversize cowboy ones, sort of...)

    the thing is, my past boots have been flats (channel, doc martens, prada) and i wore them all with long winter socks. i wore the socks as such that they never peeped out around the top. except for when wearing docs, or when wearing boots under my jeans, since you can't really see the top anyway. because of this, i always buy one size large than my slipper size to accommodate the thickness of the socks.

    now my sis told me i should buy either my actual size or a size smaller, because they can stretch, and because she does not wear hers with socks, but with stockings.

    it did occur to me that it depends on whether you normally wear your boots with dresses or skirts, or pants.... i dunno. i just suddenly realize i never really thought about this before... i just assumed we wear socks with boots to keep our feet warm and comfy. am i just being a geek??

    any thoughts? i only have a very small window of time to exchange sizes...
  2. um i wear socks with boots. mostly because if i just wear nylons i end up poking holes with my toes (no clue what i do with my toes during the day..) but sometimes i'll just put a pair of peds on over my nylons and i feel more comfortable. plus my foot doesn't slip around
  3. thanks sara. at least i know i am not the only one. my sis lives in london at the moment and i can see you are there too. i have no idea how she copes with the winter weather wearing her boots only with stockings! i am now beginning to think that in wearing enclosed shoes like boots, aside from padding, we might need some kind of moisture absorbing agent as well.

    other thoughts? i have to decide in the next 12 hours wether to exchange for a smaller size to wear without socks. i am traveling for 2 weeks tomorrow and they will not accept my exchange after.
  4. I say YES to socks.
  5. I never used to wear socks or tights with boots, I just didn't like how my feets felt, but a few months ago bought a pair of boots that were 1 size too big so decided to wear them with tights. They still felt too big so I put socks on over the tights and they were fine. And I have foud that I am not as cold as I used to be now my feet are nice and warm!

    I think it depends on what you wear the boots with. Do you think that in a sizze smaller you might be able to fit with a slightly thinnner pair of socks? Becasue then you have the option of wearing them with or without socks.Are the size you have too big with no socls?
  6. I don't wear socks with dressy boots with heels . Nor do I wear nylons and I rarely wear dress boots with tights because I like the look of boots on my bare legs.

    However, most of my boots are either funkier or more casual than dress boots. (Frye, flat, shearling, cowboy, etc). With these I love to wear socks...not for comfort but for style. I'm really into knee-high socks or over-the-knee socks peeking out over the top of my boots. Even so, these socks are usually not thick enough to require going 1/2 size in the boots.

    I would suggest ordering your boots your normal size. I would never suggest ordering a size down (except in certain Frye styles that are sized incorrectly).
  7. Definitely socks! Boots don't feel comfortable with just tights unless it's with a short skirt but then generally it'll be thick woolly tights
  8. Yes, I wear socks with mine.
  9. i always wear socks with mine..just more comfortable that way
  10. yes, always long socks with my boots. =)
  11. It is way too cold here in the winter to not wear something inside of my boots (whether they are heeled or flat). If I didn't, I swear that my toes would freeze off! I always wear socks, or if I am wearing a skirt I wear thick tights.
  12. I always wear light socks with boots
  13. I too wear light socks with my boots, its more comfortable this way.
  14. I like to wear socks with my boots too. Just because my feet blister SO easily. I didn't wear socks one day last week & I walked home in them.. I couldn't even stand up that night because I had the worst blisters!! So yes to socks!!
  15. thanks gals!!! it is 10.30 am where i am now and i have to dash to the airport in 2.5 hours. i tried wearing my boots with some sports socks and they were just snug that way. they were slightly loose but not loose (if you know what i mean) with thinner socks. without socks, my feet wobbles all over a bit, just as a size larger shoes would.