Do you wear shoes in your house??

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Do you wear shoes on in your house??

  1. Yes, I do wear shoes in my house.

  2. No, I do not wear shoes in my house.

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  1. I was reading another thread about maxi dresses and the issue of the maxis dragging on the floor came up. A poster replied she can't wear dresses that drag on the floor because of the floor being dirty and I agreed with her. This got me thinking about my pet peeve of wearing shoes in the house.

    Personally my family, DF's family, and I do not wear shoes in the house (and yes we are Asian for those who are wondering not like it should matter, but I guess the typical thing is "all Asians" take their shoes off..) My personal reason is because in my opinion, the streets are filthy. Dogs crap on the ground and people step on it, and don't forget the pee people walk on in the city. (You know, from those drunken folk who can't seem to hold it until they find a restroom!!). I love to lay on the carpet in my home and watch movies, and also roll around on my carpet with my little nieces. I can't fathom rolling around in that shmuck!!

    I know for others its very normal to wear shoes in the house, I've got many friends who wear shoes in their house (and even a friend who wears her shoes in bed!!). Just wondering who here wears shoes in their house and who does not. Any reasons why you do or don't?? TIA for your participation!! :flowers:
  2. I've always taken my shoes off in the house. Mine or other people's. To me, it would be unclean and disrespectful not to. It's just an automatic response for me. If I'm wearing sandals, sometimes I'll carry a pair of socks in my purse to wear. I'm uncomfortable having bare feet in someone else's home, unless it's a close family member. (BTW, I'm not Asian)
  3. It's so automatic for me as well to take off my shoes. It's weird though, I noticed some people get offended when I do take my shoes off and insist I wear them. I'm now more aware because I do a lot of house calls and visits for work so now I usually just look out front if there are a pile of shoes, or I simply ask when I enter the door, "Oh would you like my shoes off??" I feel weird though because sometimes they'll say its okay to keep em on, yet everyone else their shoes off.
  4. I never wear shoes in the house and btw I'm not asian ;)
    Reason is probably the dirt and the noise but I also don't see the point in wearing shoes inside. Also in Denmark it's considered impolite to keep your shoes on when visiting someones house without asking first. At least that's how I was brought up.
  5. Wow, that's so neat to learn that Denmark has that kind of visiting manners similar to many Asian house holds. In my culture, its also rude to wear shoes inside w/o asking. And most of the times you never even ask because that too is rude because usually (like you said) there is no reason to wear shoes inside the house. (If I'm cold, I wear house slippers!) Except the furniture people, they usually ask to wear their shoes in the house because it's a hassle to put on and take off their shoes as they are carrying heavy furniture in and out of the house. We usually supply them the little shoe covers to put over their shoes, if they don't already supplying themselves. It tracks in a bit less dirt then their shoes by it self.
  6. I don't wear shoes in the house.

    First of all, I hate shoes and any opportunity for me to be bare feet is something I always grab. I have 4 slippers and barely wear them! lol

    I just find shoes to be annoying and not necessary. Your at home! What are you protecting your feet from?

    I have seen folks wear shoes in their own house and their carpet looks so disgusting! Floors are all scuffed up. But folks who take their shoes off (and insist their guests do the same) have the nicest floors.

    btw, Im not asian. lol

    but in west indian culture (at least Barbados) its pretty rude to walk in someone's house with shoes on
  7. :nogood:
  8. My friend who is a bathroom and kitchen designer just recently redid her whole house. (She and her family do wear shoes in the house.) She used to have carpet at the entrance of her house but had to get rid of the carpet at the entrance and put wood (or was it tile??) there because there was so much foot traffic there that the color of the carpet at the door was so many many shades darker than carpet through out the rest of the house.
  9. No, I don't wear shoes in the house.
  10. No, I hate shoes. I take them off as soon as I get in the house.
  11. never. it's considered rude to keep your shoes on in scandinavia too, i think it's mainly a weather issue there :lol: imagine the mud and snow you'd have inside :yucky:
  12. No, I take them off to keep the carpets cleaner - sometimes I wear slippers, but I prefer bare feet.
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    I wear shoes in my apartment sometimes, but not constantly. I also rent.
    Plus I have dogs so our carpet is never going to be the cleanest on the block.

    When I was in 9th grade I went to a friend's house and we went downstairs to get on the computer. Apparantly her great aunt had watched me come in and followed us downstairs. She started yelling at me in vietnamese and pointing at my shoes, then proceeded to hit me (not very hard) with something, I think was a pair of shoes or some papers.
    I was shocked and took off my shoes. She yelled something at my friend and went back upstairs. I looked at my friend like, "wtf?" and she shrugs and says, "Forgot to tell you you're supposed to take off your shoes".
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    Hubby and I don't wear shoes in the house. Sometimes I wear socks if the floor is cold. Shoes are dirty! Most people I know don't wear shoes in their houses, but I always ask when I go to someone's house for the first time, just to be sure. My parents always wear shoes in their house, and think it's strange that I don't wear shoes in mine. When they come over, my mom complains that hubby and I don't have shoes on. She usually tries to get me to put shoes on, which irks me since it's my house and I think shoes are dirty.
  15. i never wear shoes in the house because i don't want the floor to get all dirty. my godmother does wear shoes in her house, and my godfather even wears his beat up gardening tennis shoes in their house.

    oddly enough, my godmother is obsessed with keeping her house spotless, and i always make sure to take my shoes off, but they walk all over their house with their shoes on.