Do you wear shoes in your house?

  1. Hi everyone...just curious if any of you wear shoes in your house...I'm Canadian, but when I went to the states I saw many many people where shoes in their own home...can I ask why?? I never really understood it! :confused1:
  2. i wear flip flops but most of the time i'm barefoot. i like being barefoot
  3. No, and if we do, they're house shoes that don't go outside :smile:
  4. No, my friends and family know to take them off at the door when they come in.
  5. Yup we wear shoes at home...just don't think to take them off....

    Usually i'm in socks though...i only put on shoes for when i'm heading out somewhere.
  6. I do, but I also wear bedroom slippers.
  7. No shoes in our house--they always come off at the door. Guests seem to follow suit as well, especially when they see others' shoes at the door. I don't know if it's more of a "clean thing" or more of a cultural thing. I'm filipino and my entire family and friends do this.
  8. Noone in my house wears shoes indoors
  9. yes, house shoes that i only where inside.
  10. nope... i'm either barefeet or house slippers

    I think it's quite common for ppl to wear their outside shoes in their house but for me, i just think of all the gersm and dirt i'm bringing into my living space and it grosses me out!
  11. i take them off and where flip flops or socks.
  12. Not with a 3yr old in the home. I try to keep everything as clean as possible!
  13. I take my shoes off as soon as I step in my door. I am a clean freak.
  14. Nope, I'm Chinese and most Asians don't wear shoes in the house. I go barefoot but most Asian like to wear slippers around the house.
  15. Haha! I'm Canadian as well and when I first moved to the states I was shocked that everybody did that! I mean you track all these gross things in, and then walk around barefoot? yuck. I take my shoes off at home, but leave them on at other people's houses just because that's what they do! plus after all that outside stuff is on the floors/carpets I don't wanna take them off.