Do you wear rope bracelets with real gold accents? See pictures

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  1. Do you wear rope bracelets with real gold accents? I am currently checking on this bracelet. It has a 24karat gold knot accent at the front center on a braided rope. I have not tried wearing rope bracelets before so I want to know if any of you have been wearing this type of bracelet. Do you find it trashy or classy? Is it too trendy that I might just like it now and no longer wear in the future? I was also thinking if people would assume that it is not real gold since it is on a rope bracelet instead of the usual gold chain.

    Do you find the bracelet worth spending 220USD? Bracelet has no brand. It is sold in a local jewelry store in my place.

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  2. Another pic

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  3. If it has no brand than I would guess the value would be in how much the gold weighs...
    I do think its trendy and not a piece you'll love foever BUT that being said, if u love it now & think you'll wear it a lot then its totally worth it for you!
    Plus, you might be able to resell it later since its real gold..
    I dont think its trashy, I think it could be a fun piece to layer..
  4. Hi CSG. I really hope you don't mind me saying this...

    You seem like such a lovely person! I've noticed you are currently trying to build up your jewellry collection, quite fast, (and nothing wrong with that, we've all been there done that :smile: ) however you seem very easily influenced by everyone else's input!

    There is nothing wrong with seeking opinions and the like (and I could be totally wrong) but I feel like you might lack a little confidence.. In this area. It seems from your posts you want to buy 'safe' stuff that has a unaimous agreement that it is fine, it is classic and yes you will love it when you are 100 years old 😊

    You might not live to 100. We don't really know if we're going to make it to next year. So why not buy what you love now? And why not buy for yourself?

    Who cares if people are admiring it; maybe think about why you care about this so much...

    It's your money, it's your body and yes you can just let the general public dress you if that's what you really want, but I don't think it is.

    It seems you do know your tastes but you lack the confidence in just trusting *your own taste*. Please don't?! ☺

    Jewellry is so personal; it's so much fun because it's the little sides of us that *dont* have to bend to social convention. It's our voice when our mouths are shut, and it seems you want that voice to depict a vision of you that is different to the actual you.

    You're unique in this world and it would be a shame if your jewellery didn't reflect that..
  5. Hi there! Appreciate your response. You are correct. I always want to be on the safe side when buying jewelries. Maybe it is because I want to spend my money on something that I can use for a very long time. I guess you are right that I should be more confident when buying jewelries or other stuff as long as I feel happy about my purchase :smile:
  6. I understand what you mean when you want your choice of jewelry not to look trendy or dated after awhile. I feel the same as you because I want to spend my hard earned money well.
  7. I think many of us have been the way kateokateo describes, at least I know I have! I think the important thing with jewelry is to make sure it celebrates YOU. Trust your gut--if you are drawn to something, it must resonate with you on some level. I am in my forties now (ugh) and have a fairly decent jewelry collection at this point. I remember trying to quickly secure all the "essentials" and "staples" that others recommended for my jewelry box. However, I have noticed that the pieces I cherish the most these days are the ones with personal stories connected to them or that were gifts from special people. And while I do still tend to be "safe" with jewelry purchases (don't want to waste money or have regrets!), I love when I have a piece that is unique and that seems to specifically reflect who I am. I hope that makes sense! :smile:
  8. I think the safest way to be safe with jewellery and not waste hard earned money, is to make sure you love it.

    You can't go wrong if you love it 😊
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    I think you're misunderstanding what this is: Far more likely 24Kt gold-plated and not solid gold. That is, costume jewelry type stuff. Definitely not worth the asking price.

    Similar "24 kt" but actually plated pendants:

  10. It seems very expensive for what it is.
  11. That is exactly what I feel :smile:
  12. I feel that my staples are complete now (I guess) and now I am looking for something fun to spice up my collection but still want to keep it timeless. I guess it is not really my personality to be bold/fun that is why there is hesitation. Lol!

  13. I do agree with the comment about buying what you love now. I'm a conservative when it comes to Jewellery and I tend to buy what I like which is classic pieces - but I've learnt that pieces you fall in love with, classic or not, are the ones you end up reaching out to most of the time
  14. I decided not to get the bracelet but bought the usual dainty bracelet with diamonds. :smile:
  15. Can we see pics please