Do you wear Marc Jacobs clothing to go with your bags?

  1. Obviously, all of us here love Marc Jacobs bags. I have a nice collection of bags. However, I don't own any Marc Jacobs clothing. (other than Marc by Marc) Just out of curiosity, do you ladies here wear designer clothing to go with your designer bags?
  2. Yes, but don't have MJ clothings. I have some MbyMJ.
  3. Yep - MbyMJ, but I get them on sale :graucho: I hate to pay full price for anything...
  4. I wish! I spend all my money on bags.
  5. ^^Me too!!
  6. I have mbmj clothes (a few dresses, a coat, some tops, and tshirts) and shoes. I wear them together but not on purpose. The clothes are all discrete (minus a few of the tshirts) so I don't have to worry about looking like a walking billboard.

    I don't have any mj collection clothing. I like lots of pieces I've seen but it usually doesn't suit my lifestyle and is out of my price range.
  7. After re-reading the thread, I realized I should clarify - I don't wear mbymj clothes just to go with my bags, I like to diverisfy lol
  8. I wear mj shoes but not clothing. For some reason we don't mesh:shrugs:. I may just have a little too much booty:lol:
  9. I don't own any MJ or MbMJ clothing items.
  10. I own some mj clothing, definatly one of my favorite brands for ready to wear.:yes:
  11. I have some MBMJ clothes & shoes but I don't always wear it when I'm carrying and MBMJ bag. If the bag goes with my outfit, then I'm carrying that bag for the day. As for the clothes & shoes, I have other bags that I carry when I'm wearing those pieces.
  12. i want to! but i cant afford it :sad:
  13. i have marc by marc jacbos clothing but don't neccessarily wear them w/my bags... just whatever goes with it... most of my clothes are contemporary designers and few high end designers

    overall, i invest more $$$ on bags b/c you get so much use out of it than clothes that i may just wear only a few seasons or even less. plus, a nice bag is a fashion essential and complements any outfit :smile:
  14. i dont have any MJ main line and MbyMJ clothings, i like the design of the bags and think it is more worthwhile in investing in the bags. agreed with saera.

    you dont have to wear MJ clothings to match with your bags as long as you have your own style and when your MJ bag complements your outfit! ;)
  15. If I had the money, I'd probably be decked out in MbMJ.. their designs are super cute and wearable. However, I agree with the opinion that your clothes can be (relatively) cheap, but a great bag will make your outfit look overall fabulous.