Do you wear makeup when its....

  1. really humid out, and you're going to be in and out all day?

    I'm a teacher and during the summer I rarely wear makeup...only if I'm doing something big...otherwise I kind of let my skin "breathe"....

    but somehow I still buy makeup....I guess for later? :confused1:
  2. usually when it's really hot/humid i tend to wear very minimal makeup, otherwise i feel icky :sad:
  3. Nope, just mascara, lipgloss, and blotting sheets.
  4. I wear a full face of makeup everyday, humid or not. The only time I don't wear makeup is when I'm just staying in. Skin needs to breathe sometimes lol!
  5. I wear tinted mostierizer all year long , during the summer I mix it with oil control lotion so it goes on lighter , but aside from that I wear a full face 365
  6. I'll apply concealer no matter the weather and keep a compact in my handbag whenever my face starts to 'melt' (haha) so I can just dab my face and feel fine :smile:

    I always need mascara on because I have blonde eyelashes lol
  7. When it's very humid, I dot on/blend concealer and a light sprinkling of powder when I go out. I look like death warmed over without makeup. seriously.

    Pressed compact powder is a lifesaver.
  8. It's never humid where I live, so I don't have that problem.

    But, it was awful in Florida! I started out wearing a full face of makeup every day.. then it went down to the essentials.. then to nothing except lipgloss! Back home I wouldn't even pop out for 5 minutes without makeup!
  9. I only wear sunscreen & powder. The oil blotting powder definitely helps in humid weather!

  10. I'm so jealous! No humidity = great makeup & AWESOME hair for me

    That's why I like the fall/winter months :rolleyes:
  11. It's so HOT and STICKY's so gross....

    I've resorted to just using Nars lipgloss and sunscreen....

    and my hair is fighting hard against the frizz :sweatdrop:
  12. I usually just put on a little mascara, oil-free moisturizer, maybe a little Pinch Me blush and that's it. I'm not a huge makeup wearer, anyway....
    When you wear all kinds of makeup in the heat, you end up looking like Tammy Faye Baker (may she rest in peace)....
  13. Yes but I will not use as much liner or eyeshadow...less stuff to melt! I do still need to wear a little cheeks are so ruddy and need toning down, lol.
  14. Just the bare essentials...power, mascara, and lipgloss. Oh, and sunscreen :smile:
  15. haha true, you don't even want to IMAGINE the state of my hair in florida!

    I had it wavy one day, then straightened it poker straight to go out.. an our later it was EXACTLY how it had been when i had it wavy plus a ton of frizz :sad: