Do you wear make-up on your day's around the house?


Do you where make-up when your mainly at home and maybe running a few errand?

  1. YES - I always wear make up. I'm polished all the time!

  2. No - I don't. Natural no make up skin is fine with me!

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  1. I always have on lip gloss. I hate dry lips.
  2. At home i wear my self mixed facecream,but whenever i leave the house,even for the supermarket,i wear my selfmade make up,and all the others,eyshadow,blush,eyeline,the whole program:smile:
    But i stoped to buy expensive brand,the are big cheater,like Chanel,Dior,YSL and so on,i wear the cheapest brand and they are very good:smile:
  3. i try to at least put on tinted moisturizer and mascara at home, you never know if you might to step out unexpectedly or someone might stop by.
  4. I don't wear a thing when I'm at home or if I need to run around the corner to grab groceries or get coffee. I like to let my skin breathe.
  5. Nope, just Vaseline on my lips. I like to let my skin breathe, especially because I'm prone to break outs
  6. I tend to - but much more 'minimal' if I definitely know I won't be popping out at any point in the day. :smile:
  7. I really appreciate hearing from everyone. thank you
  8. Nope, never. I also go makeup-free whenever we go camping or fishing.
  9. If I'm literally going nowhere (barring sickness), aside from moisturizer/sunscreen and eye cream, I'll usually wear something on my lips (may as well get some use out of my 3727242 lipsticks and glosses).

    If all I'm doing is running random errands, but mostly staying indoors, I may add mascara/touche éclat to the aforementioned look.

    Of course, there are other times (not the norm) where I will put on makeup (moisturizer/eye cream, touche éclat, blush, shadows/liner/mascara) even if I know I'm not going anywhere, cuz it gives me a boost.
  10. Definitely not!!

    I have bad skin and lots of acne scarring and don't care if I don't wear make up.

    My husband is used to seeing me like this, and I often go shopping etc with zero make up.
  11. If I'm not planning to go out, I use put on some moisturizer and lip balm. I want to let my skin breath
  12. I'll wear a lip balm/gloss and sunblock around the house, but that's usually it.
  13. If I know I'll be at home for most of the time, I'll just use moisturiser and that's it.
  14. I don't wear any makeup when I'm staying home all day. To me, it just seems like a waste of time and makeup to wear any around the house.
  15. I only wear make up when I go home..when I'm home it's my skin rest day! Afterall too much make up is not good