Do you wear light bags year round??

  1. There's a really pretty ice blue city on eBay, but I would want to wear it all the time!

    Should I go for a darker color (like the sapin work that's there too :graucho: ?) ? I already have a cornflower which is more summery I have to admit - maybe a darker color next????? :confused1: I :heart: ice blue though...
  2. If you really love the ice blue go for it, it's fine to wear a light bag in fall or winter, I would for sure! ice blue is a great colour.
  3. If you really like the color, you should go for it. I carry my Pale Rose all year long, even in the winter ;)
  4. I would wear a light color year-round :yes:

    However, I checked eBay & saw a ice blue city & the bales (to me, at least) look like they might be square :confused1: I'm not sure if it's the same action you were looking at - but before purchasing I'd post in the thread at the top of the page to make sure it's authentic :smile: If you've already done that.. nevermind I guess I'm looking at a different auction.
  5. I wear light bags year round. :yes: When I had my white First, I used to wear it in the dead of winter. I personally think the old "rules" about wearing springy colors off-season are kinda outdated.
  6. Hey, thanks for the warning - it's from lvlady99, and I believe she's legit - would that be the opinion of you guys???
  7. I believe she's legit, and the bag seems authentic....but I do see the tiny pic where the bale shape is unclear. I'm sure she'd send you a closeup of the bale if you ask. :smile:
  8. Yes, closeup pictures would be very helpful :yes:
  9. Absolutely but i live in South Florida. I do tend to carry my pure whites more in spring or summer than I do in winter.
  10. I carry my griege Work most days!
  11. Wear what you want, wear whatever makes you feel good. I personally love brights \ white colours in the winter.
  12. I agree :yes: Wear whatever makes you happy :yahoo:

  13. :yes: totally agree!!!
  14. I kind of like the concept of winter white. I love white winter coats with white bags. As well as dark colored attire with white bags. The light color allows a little breath of fresh air.:yes:
  15. I agree completely!:yes: