Do You Wear Leather Pants ?

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  1. How about men in leather pants ? Is it cool ?

    I find them uncomfortable.

  2. Um, no. I personally find them a bit creepy on men and women.
  3. I have in the past. I have a killer pair of Fendi ones that I bought ages ago and I'd probably wear them if I could fit them. But I don't think I'd go out purchase another pair.
  4. Egads, no.
  5. Heck no!!!! If I was feeling dangerous, I *might* wear a long, slim black leather skirt or something. But pants? No.

    Nic Cage looks even freakier than usual with that all-leather getup.
  6. Been there -- done that.

    I can't swing the leather pants look unless I want to look like a sausage
  7. haha nope! don't they make you sweaty?
  8. nope, not my style
  9. Well I guess I will be the odd chick out. I have a black pair that are bootcut like the ones above that I wear with a black off the shoulder/long sleeve angora sweater and pointie toes hot pink Coach kitten heel d'Orsay. I don't sweat because they are lined. I get major compliments when I wear them:heart: I don't wear very often because I feel it is more of a night on the town outfit.
  10. I have a Max Mara leather skirt but no pants
  11. I have a pair of black leather pants from banana republic that i haven't worn in years! They are still very stylish though, I think, when paired with the right top. I think DeeDeeDelovely has the right idea. I would always pair mine with a sleeveless cashmere sweater. On men, I think it's a different story. There are very few men who can work leather pants. Mr. Cage is not one of them!
  12. i still have a few pairs from when they were more trendy in the late 90s to early 2000s. they really do keep you warmer when it's freezing and windy in nyc.

    mine are really low-rise and bootcut, so overall, they're flattering. i wore my ralph lauren black pair with a black sleeveless turtleneck and ralph lauren cashmere wrap during a recent shopping trip at short hills, and it was nice.
  13. I have never worn leather pants. I have seen them on others looking fabulous and some not so fabulous. I think it's like anything else, if they fit well they can look hot and if they don't fit well, you end up looking sticky and scary.
  14. When I ride my motorcycle in the fall/winter I wear Harley-Davison leather pants. I also have a pair of dressier leather pants that I wear from time to time with boots and a turtleneck. I don't find them uncomfortable. Actually, if you buy a good pair they are quite comfy.
  15. No- I'd look like one of the village people.