Do you wear head-to-toe designer clothing or do you like to mix and match?

  1. Do you like to wear designer clothing from head to toe or high-street brands? It sounds like a no brainer but this is actually a never-ending debate. On one hand, there are many who think that designer clothing is a complete waste of money as fashion come and go each season, or even half-season as the growing "cruise" collections appear. On the other hand, there are those who prefer designer clothing and argue that their quality and style are simply better.

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    What is your choice?
  2. Definately mix and match. Wearing designer head to toe is too easy, and does not express personal style IMO. Anyone with enough money can do that!

    But putting a fabulous outfit together on a budget... that is admirable!

    I buy the designer pieces I really love, and use the high street for basics and also throw in a bit of vintage. That works for me and I think that I would do that even if I became filthy rich one day.
  3. I buy Chanel bags and most of my clothes as well as shoes come from Zara.

    Don't think I will ever change my spending habits, as they are too well entrenched!
  4. Mix and match. I find designer head to toe too a bit over the top
  5. I especially don't like really loud designer clothing with super huge logos. Though subtle designer brands are very classy. But I personally like to mix and match too!
  6. Mix and match ... more variety that way.
  7. Definitely mix and match!
  8. My passions are handbags and jewelery, and I try to put my clothing together as inexpensively yet as stylishly as possible to maximize my disposable income for the aforementioned items! Now, if I happen upon a sale on a designer item of clothing then I'll buy it, but the sale has to be phenomenal.
  9. Rockst@r I'm totally with you! Most of the time I don't go designer for clothes, I'm all about Banana Republic, J Crew, Ann Taylor etc for work clothes and then maybe some boutique-y brands for dresses and other going out clothes. I prefer to spend my $ on bags!
  10. I pretty much wear designer clothes, although not necessarily the same designer from head-to-toe. I usually find that (for me personally) the fabric feels nice, the finishing touches are important and the clothes retain their shape.
  11. I like to mix and match, but as long as there aren't logos everywhere a person can mix and match just as well between high-end designers as they can between designer and non-designer or just budget brands. If a person has the money (I don't!) and prefers that, then I don't feel their style has to be compromised. Of course, wearing anything straight off a runway or a mannequin can be stiff, so it is always important to show one's own style, but whether one does that with high-end pieces or budget ones doesn't really matter.
  12. I always mix and match. I'll wear a few designer items and some regular stuff. For example today I wore an Ann Taylor sweater, Walmart belt, Yurman necklace, White house Black market bracelet, Pauw skirt, Chanel bag, CL shoes.

  13. ^^Très chic!
  14. Mix and Match. What ever looks good paired up, then I wear them. Somethimes I just wear a dress and heels and if both are designers then I'll wear them together.
  15. Oh gosh I'm a total mix & match girl. My work wardrobe (elegant business casual as I call it) is a mix of a lot of Theory blouses/slacks, some Club Monaco, Nordstrom's sweater vests...also a lot from Neiman Marcus' in-house cashmere line and some Vince stuff too! Then Prada or Tory Burch shoes and LV/Coach/Prada handbags. I even have a pair of old navy dark denim jeans ($15!!) which I love to wear on casual Fridays as well as my 7s and TR denim, LOL. I find that splurging on accessories really makes your outfit, bargain, designer or otherwise!!

    I love my eclectic style as it's ME and like no other. In fact in my avatar (taken last spring on a Laguna Beach trip) I have on a Theory blouse, J. Crew khakis, Cole Haan wedges, Juicy Couture necklace and my beloved LV Cabas Piano bag!