Do you wear hats?

  1. I bought a hat a lot like this one. It is all black with a crystal feather brooch at the base. It is the same style as this hat but it does not have the flowers on it. Do you like it?
    I was thinking of wearing it with a black trench, my dojo Seven jeans, black pointed toe and stiletto boots for winter. Should I keep it or return it? Is it too "stuffy" looking? (I am only 26 years old & want it to be age appropriate).

  2. Cute and current. I vote yes.
  3. post a picture :smile:
  4. If you are like me and have a round face, don't do it especially with that hat!
  5. I can't wear hats because I have a big head (literally). They just look on odd on me. Can you post a modeling picture of you actually wearing the hat? I think face shape and body size plays a big role in whether or not hats work on a person.
  6. That hat is really cute!

    I don't wear hats but I wish I could. I have a small forehead so everything falls over my eyes. :sad:
  7. Hat are definitely a very special item these days. I was in a Very upscale boutique the other day (where the SA hav rock solid coiffures and strange accents) and this beautiful woman bought a huge hat with feathers and stuff.

    That hat is very cute! You can definitely wear it the way you described... I like the jeans and trench combination to keep it current and casual. Not to mention, hats are just practical in the winter to keep your ears warm. Avoid wearing it with tweed skirt suits and Ferragamo pumps, however, to keep it non-old-lady... ahah.
  8. I do, and I love the hat you posted. I agree with everyone else, some people look better in hats than other people.