Do you wear hat?

  1. Okay, So i did a search before i posted this thread. There a quite a few people said that they love hats. I do too.

    But the thing is, how do you wear them? When do you wear them? I like the look of a hat that compliments a cool outfit, but i find myself take it off after like 10 mins and then i dont know where to put it. I guess im just nervous that i might look too stand out

    How about you ladies? any ideas welcome :idea:
  2. I wear hats a lot but never take them off. I wear them mostly in the winter time, obviously, as it makes more sense to keep them on at that time. I think the trick is to wear them with confidence and accept the fact that you ARE going to stand out.
  3. I've never been able to wear hats. I've bought a few in my lifetime and just never end up wearing them. They just never feel right on me.
  4. yah, this happens to me too. It just looks so right on others, just not on me. :push:
  5. I think you are right with the confidence thing, am alright in the with beanie in the winter thou.
    Do you wear Fedora hat? and those hat that just for the sake of fashion
  6. Yes, I wear fedoras a lot. I bought some vintage ones in Paris at some thrift stores. The thing with hats is that they show off your face even though they hide it a bit. It is the only accessory that really makes people look at you twice.
  7. I love wearing hats. I have all different kinds with jewels, plain ones and fedoras. I admit that I mostly used them when I am having bad hair days..(which is very often):cursing: The weather in South Fl. is horrible.
    I recently bought a buret style hat by chanel and I love it. It's comfortable and It doesn't put pressure on my forehead like hats do. :heart:
  8. I love how hats look on other people but hats just look weird on me. :push:

    My friend wore a fedora last night & she looked great! She kept the hat on all night out at a bar. You can do the same if it's comfortable. More power to anyone who can pull off the look, not many people can.
  9. I wear hats every day driving my daughter to school since I just roll out of bed...other than that I wear a straw cowboy hat by the pool and I did buy a knit beret recently for the fall but we'll see if I actually wear it. :shrugs:
  10. Nope. I've got thinner hair and a big head, and they just look dumb on me
  11. I think I will this season, even though it is a bold look, but I just like hats too much.
  12. I go back and forth between wanting to and not.
    I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from the '20s and '50s now (often directly, by buying vintage clothes), and sometimes I really think that hats would add a lot to the look, and other times I feel they would make my outfit too period or kitsch.
    For one week, I had three or four '50s hats on my watch list on eBay, and close to right before the first would end I decided they weren't good for me.
    Besides being "unusual", hats can be just so much extra work(depending on the type of hat).
    Some hats you can just throw on over your head and it will completely cover your hair, but for most I feel like I'd have to do even more with my hair to make it look perfect so that the hat doesn't look out of place, and then sometimes your head starts to itch or get hot....and it can just be a hassle sometimes. Did I mention I'm a guy? Haha.
    Who knows though. Maybe I'll get a simple cloche or fedora to wear often.
  13. I can't pull a hat off to save my life!! I've tried, but just can't do it...
  14. I love newsboy hats and baseball caps. I don't wear anything other than those kind of hats. I also only wear them in the winter time.
  15. Apparently, i have a very misshapen hat b/c i can't wear hats! :smile:
    I do love it when I see ppl pulling it off, it looks so cute!