Do You Wear Different Sizes for Flats vs. Pumps?

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  1. I'm still fairly new to European sizing and Euro brands, so I'm still trying to figure out the sizing system.

    I am a perfect American size 7.5, which I often read corresponds to a Euro size 38. This has indeed been the case for me. In LV, Jimmy Choo, and CL I take a size 38 in pumps, so the rule about sizing up a half size for European shoes has held true for me.

    However, I recently went to purchase a pair of Jimmy Choo ballet flats, and was kind of surprised that I took a size 37.5 in the flats. Do all flats run true to size?

    I prefer to buy my shoes on Ebay, so the sizing does get tricky.

    I currently own two pairs of LV ballet flats. They both are size 38. The first pair of size 38's fit me perfectly---any smaller and I wouldn't have been able to fit into them. But my second pair of LV size 38's is a little bit big for me. They fit okay, but I could definitely go down to a 37.5 (if I had the option).

    So even within the same brand (LV) the sizing isn't always consistent.

    I'm currently looking at some LV ballet flats on Ebay, tring to decide whether to buy a 38 or a 37.5. I think one of the flats was called "Debbie" and the other was "Lovely Ballerina". Plus, I'm looking at other LV ballet flats.

    Can anyone advise me whether LV flats tend to run true to size? In which case I would order a 37.5, being that I'm a 7.5. Or do they tend to run small like the LV pumps, in which case I would order a size 38?

    Thanks for any help and advice; I really appreciate it!
  2. I'm usually and 8/38 in heels, but often go up to an 8.5/38.5 in flats. I have narrow'ish feet and I think I wind up using more of the toe box when wearing heels than the designer expects - especially in a pointier toed shoe, where it's expected that your toes aren't going to go right to the tip of the shoe. Flats aren't usually pointy toed, so this extra space doesn't exist, so to compensate I wind up having to go up half a size.
  3. It's my understanding that a 7.5 US is a euro 37.5
  4. I'm always confused. I wear a 5.5-6 generally speaking, but online etailers say a 36 is the 5.5 size. However all my 5.5's (or what I thought were 5.5's) from HE (Manolo Blahnik, CL, Miu Miu ) to mall brands (Zara) are 35.5 or 5.5. So, I don't know.

    I find I size up in boots, but flats and pumps I generally do wear a 5.5; unless they run really small or it's a brand like Aldo that didn't carry 1/2 sizes for the longest time. Apparently, they now are but I haven't been interested in paying full-price for anything there for a long time.
  5. I'm a 6.5 almost all the time, with heels and flats, except with CL (but CL sizing has been kind of crazy in the past). I usually get a 7 in boots (high or low, no matter what brand) because I normally wear socks with boots and I like to give myself a little more room.

    I have 2 pairs of JC flats, and I took my regular size in them.

    Your best bet usually is to ask the seller what the measurement of the insole is to ensure that the shoes will fit you.
  6. Thanks. In American brands I always take a size 7.5, in both heels and flats.

    It's in the European brands that I'm experiencing some confusion. Apparantly most Euro brands run small, which is the reason why I take a size 38 instead of a size 37.5 in Euro brands. I wish the sizing was consistent so that I'd know which size to order, though. Apparently the Euro flats don't always run small, which is why I take a 37.5 in Euro flats.

    It does get confusing, especially when ordering off of Ebay. I do always ask the seller to provide an insole measurement.
  7. That's a great question! I find that I definitely size up .5 a size if a show is a platform, but if it's a standard heel I tend to take my true size, and if it's a flat I take either my true size, or half a size down.
  8. I don't wear flats but I'm sure if I did I'd need a bigger size since when your in a heel it squishes your arch up higher and your feet seem smaller.
  9. I thought I was a 7.5 in flats and then 8 in heeled shoes but then I recently purchased 2 pairs of J.Crew flats in size 8 so maybe my feet grew? :hrmm:
  10. Flats 8 and heels 7.5.