Do you wear designer jeans?

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  1. I'm not sure where you could find them in the US, I'm in Canada and you can get them at Holt Renfrew and Aritzia here, amoung other places. I'll give a link to the website, just in case its there and I missed it.
  2. i wear James Jeans or Lee... for some reason, Levis sit funny on my hips!
  3. Thanks!:biggrin:
  4. I checked out Fidelity jeans and they look great! Thanks for the info Natalie!
  5. I have a question for all you jeans experts! ;)

    I have an awful time trying to find jeans that fit me well...

    I'm 5'5" and a size 4 ( working on losing some weight!). I have skinny, but athletic legs, no real hips to speak of and I'm waist challanged ( as in I'm boy shaped- hardly any waist!). My problem lies in the fact that I have a little bubble bum. It's mostly muscle, but it still sticks out in proportion to the rest of me!!! So, my problem is- I'll be wearing a normal fitted shirt, and jeans- and my profile will just look AWFUL. My two problem areas are my tummy and my bum, so if I wear nonflattering low rise jeans- it only emphasizes both of them. BLA.

    I'm just curious if anyone else has that problem- and what brands of jeans look best with my body type... I really like some citizens of humanty jeans, but I haven't tried any on. :smile: advice would be appreciated! :biggrin:
  6. It depends on the styles sometimes. You just have to try them on yourself. Their cargo pants doesn't quite fit me, probably because I have a flat ass. :lol: But some of their regular jeans fit very nicely. I usually buy my Earl Jeans from their outlets because they slash their prices like crazy there. ;)
  7. I actually haven't worn jeans in four years. I got so frustrated with never finding anything that fit my small waist, big butt, and short legs. I recently got a pair of Levi's though. I'd rather spend my money on bags or shoes. Maybe I'll change my mind when I see some nice designer jeans. Right now, all jeans look alike to me.
  8. Have you tried Rock and Republic Dani?

  9. hmmm, I haven't!

    Do you know which stores sell them?
  10. They have them at Nordstrom, NM, SAks... Hope it fits you!
  11. Citizens fit the best on me, I own Sevens too. But I find that Rock & Republic jeans make my bum look funny and plus they are REALLY long, so it's such a hassle having to get them hemmed ( even though my mom can do it for free :smile: )
  12. I have a question for the jeans experts too.

    I'm 5'9, skinny, with no butt and slender thighs. I need jeans that will make my butt look perky. I've had problems finding jeans because either the length is too short but the thigh area fits or the length is just right and the thigh area is too loose. I wear Express because their jeans from past seasons fit REALLY well, but not the current season's. They make my butt sag. And that is really all I care about. I want a pair of jeans that fit, and will flatter my butt.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  13. Paige = my absolute favourite brand, but I also like Seven and Sass & Bide a lot. I still use my Yanuk as well, they fit so well.

  14. Try Paige and True Religion. It made my barely there ass look fantastic! Since you have slim thighs and tall, Rock and Republic is worth a try. The likes of Cameron Diaz, Giselle Bundchen wear them.
  15. There's soooo many out there! There's a lot of "inspired" ones with similar pockets & stitchings, and there's a loooooooot of flat out fake ones (I've seen them sell for $20 in a store near promenade in LA).

    I didn't understand the whole paying $100+ for a pair of denims before either, but since I wear them everyday (work's dresscode is casual) I thought I'd give em a try, and they fit amazingly well! My seven made me look taller & skinnier, love love love the fit & wash :love:. I have a couple Diesels too. I still kept my old gap & other misc. brands, but I could've swear, gap must've changed their fit because I can't find my size anymore.