Do you wear designer jeans?

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  1. Don't feel silly!! As long as you feel and look good in whatever brand of jeans you're wearing, that's all that matters :biggrin:
  2. I agree!
  3. i've alread answered this thread but i just remembered something that happened last week. well my friend got these jeans a while ago from macy's that were "seven for all mankind." from the beginning i had doubts because they didn't have the red tags on the pocket and above that. this was months ago. also, it had the logo in bright yellow stitching above one of the front pockets which i thought was sketchy...well last week we were in a computer lab and i was convinced that they were fake. after a visit to seven's site she FINALLY believed me that they were fake because the tags were all wrong.

    anyways, i just feel really bad because she spent $90 on them and they were her only "designer" jeans...
  4. Could it be they were seven7 and not seven for all mankind?
  5. nope the tags definitely said that they were "seven for all mankind"
  6. I wasn't aware that there are fake jeans :weird:
  7. ouch :sad2: Poor unsuspecting friend, I hope she returned them!
  8. ha!ha! paige jeans do the same;)
  9. I love citizens of humanity jeans...they fit me the best. I also have a few sevens, james jeans, joes jeans, and true reilgions, which i am starting to get into as well. They make my but look awesome! lol
  10. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  11. Does anyone own a pair of Earl jeans? I heard they fit great!
  12. I do wear them, but I also wear all types of jeans -- it really depends on the fit.
  13. Pretty much every day. I love 7FAM, so comfy and flattering too. There my favorite, but I like Citizens, True Religion, R&R and Fidelity (If they count) too.
  14. Calvin Kleins fit me the best no matter what style I choose.
  15. Where can you find Fidelity jeans? I haven't heard of that brand before.