Do you wear designer jeans?

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  1. I wear Seven jeans most of the time but I find that cheaper brands look good on me as well. :lol:
    I know $200 is a bit much but I prefer designer jeans because of the quality. How about you ladies? What designer jeans do you wear?
  2. i wear seven's, too. they're just so comfortable!
  3. Seven, Miss Sixty and I love True Religion!
  4. My favorites are 7FAM and Rock & Republic :smile:
  5. Seven, Paige, Chip and pepper, AG, True rel.
  6. I love Seven's! I also wear BCBG and True Religion. In the early 90s, I was quite mad for Armani and Versace.
  7. I wear Seven For Mankind, Chip and Pepper, Antik Denim, AG, BCBG... I am still holding on to my Bebe and guess jeans.
  8. I've tried on jeans from places like the Gap and J. Crew and they just don't flatter my body. I've worn Sevens since college, have tried Citizens, and now, I've discovered True Religions (which I love, love, love). Everyone I know loves Paige, but I don't like how "tight" they seem on my "thunder thighs"....hehe.
  9. I love jeans as much as purses!! My favorites are also True Religion, but I wear Antik, Paper Denim and Cloth and Joe's. I just bought a pair of People's Liberation that are cool too!
  10. I swear by Citizens, but have a few pairs of Sevens also. True Religions make my butt look big...
  11. I have Rock & Republic, Hudsons, AG, & True Religion.

    My favorite: Hudson Script b/c they make my butt look good!! :lol:
  12. i wear paige and AG, their my favorites and look good on just about any body type.
  13. I just wear Levi's because they fit much better on me than any of the "designerjeans" and I tried them all. It's probably because I'm pretty small and the legs are always too long.
  14. LV_Addict, where are you?! ;P

    My 'designer' jeans consist of 7FAM, Paige (BEST fitting jeans EVER!!!), AG, and Frankie B's. I also recently got my first pair of COH.
  15. :lol: :lol: :lol: ^^^I wear Rock&Republic, Miss Sixty, Abercrombie & Fitch and J&Co (I LIVE in those!!!). Those four brands seem to dominate my jeans collection.