Do You Wear Converse?

  1. I've never had a pair but always thought they were I bought some tan/beige low tops. I wear a 8 &1/2 in women's so I ended up getting a 7. I was told they run big. In the store they were fine at least I thought. The other day I wore them for the first time and they were soooo uncomfy. OMG...I wanted to cry. My baby toes were in such pain lol. Now Im mad and scared to wear them again. Have any of u experienced anything similar?
  2. oh hellllllzz nah. I can't stand chucks, and yes, they really are super uncomforable. Sorry, i have no real advice for you *shrugss*
  3. they are supposed to be like walking w/o shoes - no support whatsoever.
    I don't wear them, but my little girl has half a dozen pairs in boutiquey colors.
  4. I don't own a pair but my 13 yr. old niece does and for some reason she loves them.
  5. after the second or third time they get better. I'm in college and I practically live in Chucks. They don't offer any support, but I got used to it. I like wearing them in the summer because they're thin and well ventilated, and in the winter your feet will freeze.
  6. maybe its a geographical thing because EVERYONE in california has a pair of chucks, EVERYONE. girls, guys, older women, men etc. I love mine. I have been wearing chucks since high school and that was over 7 years ago. I LOVE them. I wear mine with jeans and solid colored wife beaters or fitted T's. They have never hurt me feet at all. In fact, i have worn mine to the gym a few times and no problems. Myabe you got the wrong size.
  7. I love my Converse. I custom made mine so I got them with burgundy suede and sage colored tongues. They're so much fun so wear.
  8. I don't wear them but both my kids wear them. DS has a pair of blue high tops and DD has pink high tops...of course.
  9. I Love my chucks. They are super comfortable to me.
  10. I love my chucks. They do become more comfortable after a few days. I like to but limited edition ones that no one else has. I recently went to Japan and they were very popular there and i received many complements for mine.
  11. I like my converse. I find them to be the only shoes I can wear indoors and not feel the need to take them off because of "clunkiness". I think this is because they're flexible and light. When I fist saw them I thought they looked like clown shoes but they grew on me eventually.

    I do find them comfortable and I am the kind of person who doesn't like walking around without a cushioned sole; like I'm not too into ballerina shoes because there's no sole whatsoever. I think of them as a good alternative to wearing training shoes casually.

    I don't wear them in Winter for obvious reasons - my feet would freeze and get soaked through the canvas.
  12. I love chucks! And yes, they will get more comfortable after wearing them some times:yes:
  13. Yes, I've been wearing jack purcells practically all of my life. Thankfully with the new ones, you can stick in your favorite insert/insole, since for whatever reason, there's very little arch support. I have very sensitive feet, so even chucks need to be broken in, but after that, they're great!
  14. oh man I wear chucks ALL the time. i have maanny pairs. once you get used to them, they're wicked comfy (or at least to me).
  15. I haven't had any since I was 12 but I knew a few girls in FL who wore them all the time. I just didn't don't feel like they are "me" now though. My friends in FL were in their 20's and I'm almost 35.