Do you wear contacts?

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  1. I am going to get contacts for the first time. I believe I will be able to get dailies as it said that my condition is usually available in dailies. However I'd like some thoughts before I go in next wek and the optomotrist begins giving me different options to chose from.

    Do you wear/like dailies, 2 week wear or 6 month? What brand do you prefer? How often do you wear yours? I don't plan to wear them everyday (I plan to alternate with glasses) but I know that could change if I really like them.

    My main issue is glare. I am really sensitive to the glare of lights. So I hope contacts come with anti-glare. But if she offers me some kind of tint or color along with anti-glare would you take it? Has it helped you?

    Thankyou so much. My appointment is next Tuesday.
  2. i have really bad astigmatism and have worn contacts for about 15 years. i transitiioned from 1yr lenses to monthly swaps. seems to work for me.

    i used to get mine with a slight blue tint so i could find them easier when i accidently missed my eye & dropped them, but i have never heard of contacts with "anti-glare".... if your optomotrist says that's available now, come back and let us know!

    that being said, i love being able to pop on my fave pair of Maui Jim sunglasses... polarized lenses are the awesome! they cut glare like a hot knife thru butter!
  3. I think dailies are great if you can afford them. I used to wear 2 week pairs (Acuvue) which were fine, I would soak them in multi-purpose solution overnight. I have been wearing Ciba Air Optix for the past few months and they are great. They last a month which worried me at first but I use a hydrogen peroxide solution to clean them every night which is great, the lenses still feel new after the month because the solution cleans so well. I definitely do not recommend sleeping in any type of lens though.

    I don't really know anything about tinting though. I would recommend getting some samples and seeing what feels best for you.
  4. I wear Acuvue Color 2- they're disposable. I'm supposed to throw them out after 2 weeks but I always use them for a month or more. My optometrist said that's fine, and as long as they don't rip then it saves money that way.

    I also have an astigmatism, but I only want to wear color contacts... soo my optometrist gave me an rx where I can't see as perfectly as if I had gone with the clear non-disposable lenses.. but it's worth it.

    edit: sorry, I know nothing about anti-glare contact lenses.. I didn't even know they existed.
  5. I wear O2 Optix 2 week lenses, and sometimes I wear them for a little while longer. I think if you stick to major brands (Acuve, Focus etc.) you should be ok, but my friends experience a lot of dryness with lesser known brands. Dailies would be so convenient, sometimes you're just too tired to clean and store them after a long day.

    I too have never heard of anti glare contact lenses, but that would be useful.
  6. I have been wearing contacts for (gasp) almost 30 years and have worn them all. I have dry eyes and have been wearing Ciba Day/Nights for almost 3 years and they are great. You wear them for 30 days and throw them away. Good Luck!
  7. I've been wearing contacts since I was 11, so for about 15 years now! I wear Acuvue Oasys 2 week disposable contacts and I change them every 2.5 weeks. Contacts are a pain at first, but you get used to them quickly.

    Good luck at your appointment! :smile:
  8. I don't think they do. I can't find anything about it on a google search. I have astigmatism too. I got anti-glare glasses to help with night driving. But, in the year that I have had them I seem to realize I need the glasses anytime the lighting is weird. Anything with lights bugs me. Computers my cell phone lighted keypad. It all seems a big lit up blur. I hope contacts will help that and not be a bust since they don't have anti-glare.

    Thanks for your responses so far.
  9. I've been wearing contacts for over almost 14 years now... I first got them in junior high because I hated how uncomfortable it was to wear glasses all the time. I currently wear 2wk disposable lenses... acuvue oasys with hydraclear.

    I am not familiar with any anti-glare lenses or anything... maybe other members have some helpful info, but otherwise, I suggest discussing your needs with your optometrist.
  10. I've worn contacts almost everyday for 11 or 12 years now. I've always used 2 week disposables, because they're a LOT cheaper than dailies. I've tried Surevue, Acuvue2, BiomedicsXC, Acuvue2 Colors and Freshlooks. The Surevue were the most comfortable by far, but they were discontinued. Acuvues are extremely popular, but I find them very uncomfortable.

    When the dr drops the contacts into your eyes the first time, roll your eyes all around, look at everything, read different things, give it a few mins. Ideally, it should feel 100% comfortable, and you shouldn't feel like you have anything in your eye. If they feel uncomfortable or weird whatsoever, speak up! There's nothing worse than being stuck with ill fitting contacts for 6 months or a year!! :tdown:
  11. I don't need to add anything because this describes me exactly!
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    I've been wearing contacts for over 15 years. I have awful eyesight and a pretty severe astigmatism in my left eye. Last year, I switched to Cooper Vision monthlies. I LOVE THEM!!! I tried Bosch & Lomb and Acuvue before my Dr. got me the Cooper Visions. I think that everyone's different, so if you try one brand and they don't work for you, don't give up. They feel a little weird at first. I was 13 when I got them, and I found them annoying for about a day, I think. It will probably be less annoying for you since you're an adult.

    The monthlies work well for me, I clean them like regular contacts, I don't sleep in them. I don't know anything about anti-glare contacts, but my eyes are pretty light sensitive. I just wear a good pair of sunglasses when I go outside and I'm fine. I don't find that my contacts increase my sensitivity to light.

    Cosmetic reasons aside, I like contacts better than glasses because they let me have peripheral vision, which I don't have in glasses because my eyesight is so bad.
  13. i have been wearing contacts for about 12 years. since i was 14. i have been using Acuvue Oasis for astygmatism for about a year now and i love them! i see much more clearly, and they're very comfy.they are biweekly disposables. i wear them about 5 days a week, just so i can bive my eyes a break. but i definatly prefer them because i love wearing sunglasses!
  14. I think the UV filter in contact lenses helps with the glare. I wear biomedics daily disposable, have been wearing biomedics for years - they work for me. I find Acuvue uncomfortable.
  15. I have been wearing contacts since I was thirteen and I wear them every single dy (i'm 22 now) I use freshlooks in grey and they are great I use one pair per month just never sleep in them cos they stick to the eyes and it becomes hard to remove them