Do you wear certain bags different seasons?

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  1. I have 2 speedys
    My LV 25 mono and 25 azure damier
    Should I retire the mono till September? What do you girls usually do? Is your mono a whole year round purse. Someone told me never to mix brown with black:confused1:
  2. i don't think black looks good with brown personally... therefore i hardly ever wear black. i prefer brown and greys. anyways i use all my bags year round i even use my cerises speedy in the winter! its just what purses suits the day... but i think that azur can be use year round i think its looks nice in the winter but most ppl think of it as a summer bag.
  3. I only carry my Azur, White MC, and Cherry Blossom bags during Spring and Summer, but then again I live in NJ and I am not sure of your location. Of course if you live in Singapore it is an entirely different situation. I carry my Monogram bags all year round. And, yes I do mix brown and black.
  4. Mono is year-round IMO and I always wear it with black. I have a light beige Houston that is for summer only and a Damier Papillon that is very wintry to me.
  5. Mono is 100% year round. Azur I do not wear in the winter because it will get dirty here in the snow. Mono is one of the few exceptions to the "brown with black" rule too.
  6. my moto with fashion has always been - if you like it - rock it.
    I don't really care about what others say should go, etc...
    if you like the way things go together just wear it.
  7. I usually wear my bags year round, regardless of color. I like a bright color in the winter and my dark bags still get worn in the summer!
  8. i tried wearing my blue denim baggy pm this winter with my leather coats and it looked horrible, so i think denim and azur look great in spring and summer; mono all year...
  9. All the fashion books and mags that I read now say to mix accessories and DON'T match. Supposedly it makes you look hipper and younger from everything I've read lately.

    Personally if I had Azur, I would use it as a spring and summer purse. To me, mono is a year-round kind of thing. JMO.
  10. I tend to use some bags only in certain seasons. My Fuchsia Denim Speedy is definitely a warm weather bag where my dark brown Onatah GM in Cuir tends to be a fall/winter bag. Mono pieces can be used all year long IMO. I mix black outfits with the mono bags. :tup: I think it can definitely be pulled off.
  11. Mono is year-round. I only carry my white MC in the Spring and Summer.
  12. :heart:Thanks gals for all your help. I can definately see what you all are saying
    1) Mono/dark colors all year
    2) Mono is only exception with mixing brown and black
    3) Azure good for Spring and Summer

    GOT IT!!!:wlae:I love this forum
  13. I use my mono bags year round and I also wear them with black!
    My Azur Speedy I tend to use only during the spring/summer while my brown suede onatah is only used during the fall/winter.
  14. I only have four. My fawn Epi gets used only in fall/winter; black Epi, mono speedy and azur speedy gets used year-round. I don't think mono looks bad with black at all, it's very much a neutral.