Do you wear brown and black together?

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  1. Say brown shoes and a black shirt or visa versa? I have been black and brown being paired more and more but wonder if/how "real" people wear it.
  2. I almost never wear brown, so ... no, I never wear brown and black together. I suggest you combine blue and brown, it's a classic combination.
  3. I so do!
  4. i love brown and black together. i've heard that it's supposedly a no-no but i really just can't see why.
  5. i do! I have a pair of Sam Edelman brown and black suede mary janes that look great. I also have a Michael Kors dress that is a brown and black zebra print that looks amazing.
  6. Absolutely, yes! I especially like a reddish brown like whiskey or cognac color paired with black. Even whiskey brown shoes paired with black tights and something to coordinate on the top (a green dress with hints of brown to pick up the shoe color, a black dress with a brown or orangey brown scarf, etc.) looks really sharp. The "rule" of no brown with black is as outdated as no white after Labor Day.
  7. This makes me happy. I think I will take the plunge. I just didn't want people to think that I got dressed in the dark or something! lol
  8. I think it's fine as long as the brown isn't so close to black and they are close together.
  9. these are the brown & black shoes i have.
  10. Ive always been told its a no. my former best friend would seriously lose her mind if I even used my black Longchamp bag. Forget clothes.

    I dont look good in brown. And I have these brown suede shoes that i plan to wear for the first time since ive bought them (three years ago!!!) with a black dress and a leopard print belt.
  11. I do a lot but it depends on the brown. Its a little tricky. My fiance thinks im crazy when i do i. But whatever...
  12. I love whiskey or cognac with black! I have always done it but over the past year or so I notice its gaining in popularity
  13. Yes I do. Many people don't like it but I don't see what's wrong with that colour combo.

    I have so many dresses that have a black/brown print and I think they're gorgeous. They have this 'African chic' vibe to them. I sometimes pair a black dress with dark brown wooden jewelry, and I think it looks fab! Oh, and I might add some leopard print to it aswell.

    I also like they whiskey/cognac - black combo! For example in these Gucci shoes of mine:


    I love 'em!

    Overall, I think black looks best with darker colours, such as brown, navy and dark jewel tones. ;)
  14. So here's the trick...

    The "rules" of never wearing brown with black or black with navy are because some darker hues of brown and navy can look ridiculously close to black. Ever looked at an item of clothing and debated with someone about whether is was black or navy? Well...when you wear a dark brown that looks like black, or a dark navy that looks like black, then it looks like you got dressed in dim lighting and you couldn't tell your brown from your black from your navy.

    The trick then, is to wear browns or navys that are lighter in color and not to be confused with black. Then it looks like you paired the colors on purpose, and not accidently. Make sense?

    I think these color combinations look great when done correctly!
  15. i think browns, blacks, blues, grays are considered "neutral colors" so they would go together ... but of course like KellBellCA mentioned, there are some "rules."