do you wear blanc paddy in winter too?

  1. I bought a stark white blanc 07 paddy for summer - would it work in the winter too against an all black outfit?
  2. I think a white bag is fine for winter... When the sky is gray the white bag will be offset really well. White bags remind me of snow anyway! If white wasn't okay for winter then there wouldn't be so many white winter jackets :smile:
  3. I think it would look great with a black winter coat. White bags a fine for winter!
  4. Oh yes, I use both my blanc paddington and my gucci horsebit during the winter. It works really well with my black and brown coat. I don't think white/ivory bag should be limited to the summer.
  5. I think it would look awesome during the winter. It will definitely spice up winter outfits. People always tend to dress very dark during the winter and a punch of white will be very chic.
  6. Really?

    Today, I overheard a woman say "well, you never wear white shoes after Labour day" and I kind of panicked. I thought I'd better use my white Edith more before Labour day comes...

    I know it's a fashion rule from the 50's but we still joke about not wearing white shoes (and purses?) after Labour day...
  7. I have light colored Botiker that I plan to use through winter....besides if it looks cute....who cares:amuse:
  8. for some strange reason I do like to wear white in the winter and black in the summer:nuts: