Do you wear all your LV bags ?

  1. Bonjour, I discovered this forum for more than a month ago, I red a lot of threads, saw a lot of wonderful pictures and collections bags and I don't know why but I got the feeling that some of you don't carry a lot their bags (vachetta on pictures is like new ; a lot of threads speak about avoiding to spoil vachetta, to avoid it to turn black and dirty...).

    I'm 44 years old and buy LV from the age of 20. When I buy an LV (it's an expensive brand some people can't afford it) I want to get for my money. The bag must be used, it has to have its own life with some marks, honey vachetta or sometimes dark. Its own life must be engraved in it. I'm not afraid about the bottom of my Mezzo, Piano... I want the brand to show me its quality is at the top and that I don't waste my money (If I let the bag at home to avoid to spoil it, that's for me a waste of money !).
  2. I Switch Bags A Lot ~ Mostly To Go With Different Oufits. I Don't Get Too Concerned With The Vachetta, Either!!!
  3. I switch bags according to the season. In summer I'll wear the White MC bag, in Winter I'll wear the Mono & darker colored bags. So, each bag gets use about 3-4 months out of the year. That helps them to stay new looking. When not in use, I stuff the bag with tissue paper and put it in its dust bag.
  4. I switch bags often... I don't have a lot of high-end bags, but I'm working on it! I also started in my 20's (I'm 44) and then quit for awhile.

    When I purchase a bag, I want a NEW one though... I fuss over them - regardless of price - and want them to look perfect. But I'm that way with everything! From my car to my carpeting. I'll pay up to $1000 for a new bag and after that amount, I'd start looking for a used one.
  5. I agree, I don't want to spend much money on beautiful bags and then hide them in my closet. I don't get mad, when I find watermarks on my LV Hudson and IMO it looks prettier now, then when it was brandnew. :love:
  6. I actually love the look of worn vachetta (used not abused!). I have one bag that I use all the time. Although, I have my share of my bags sitting in my closet.
  7. When I buy an LV, I make sure it's one that I can use., not keep in my closet and stare at. I have four LVs (the Cabas Piano arrived yesterday, woohoo!) and I use them all :smile:
  8. i switch bags depending on what i'm blue antigua just doesn't go with everything, lol.

    but there are some things that don't get use...i have 2 cles, one in damier, one in mono, and ever since i got the damier cles, i haven't use the mono except once.

    now that i have my damier koala, my black mc pmbv won't be getting much use.

    i rarely use my speedy anymore. especially next month when the damier speedy comes out!
  9. I try and carry them all (not at the same time, of course!!!:lol: ). The only bags I don't carry that often are the dressier once.
  10. Although I have a small bag collection, I can totally relate to what you said. For me, this applies to any product I purchase from makeup to clothes to designer bags. If I purchase something, it has to be used often and I like to signs of wear and love. I think this is just a similarity in our personalities.

    I've found that other people have a more collector mindset and want their stuff to look perfect all the time. They love and enjoy their bags just as much as people that prefer to use their bags all the time and not worry if they look perfect.
  11. I have quite a few bags in my collection and I switch bags usually twice a day, so most bags get a turn in the spotlight. There are some bags I have, however, that have never seen the light of day. I have my favorites.
  12. That's what I thought when I first saw this thread. I was thinking how funny it would look if people posted pictures of themselves wearing all their LVs at once.:roflmfao: Anyone up for it? I'd do it myself, but I only have one. For now.;)
  13. Trosson,I agree with you competely.I love bags that look like they have been carried many times.I see alot of that in your country.I'm the one who puts her new bags in the tanning bed to speed up the patina.:biggrin:
  14. I guess I can try and do it but I don't think I have enough limbs!!!:lol:
  15. I change almost everyday