Do you wear a designer bag when you travel?

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  1. I was curious about what others do when you travel abroad. Do you carry an expensive bag? Do you worry about having it stolen? When I travel I carry a nondescript, non-designer bag and very simple jewelry. I'm too afraid that it will get stolen and I spent my hard-earned money on it! I know that of course I could have something stolen here in the US, but a lot of people have warned me about thiefs, pickpockets in other countries.
  2. Yes, I do use my designer bags but do carry a Longchamp de pliages both for toting my nice bags through the airport in and also as an extra 'rainy' day bag.
  3. same here.:yes:
  4. same here..
  5. Yes!

    I carry whatever complements my outfit.
  6. Yes.
  7. I've never traveled very far (never abroad) but when I do travel, I do take a designer bag because it's one of my biggest ones and can hold all my essentials. :yes:
  8. I just took my Kooba Paige to Belize and back. It has a tough skin - I would not have taken my Gryson Olivia - and it carried everything I needed to survive in airports. Of course, I'm very careful with my bags when traveling....
  9. Yes...I have taken my LV Manhattan GM, cerises speedy, and papillon 30. I only get paranoid when they put it on the belt for the x-ray due to the dirt.
  10. :yes: That's why I put mine in a Longchamp for protection.....
  11. I always put my bag in a clean plastic bin for the trip through the X-ray. If necessary, I'll wipe it out with a paper towel first! (I carry paper towels in my bag for just that sort of thing. ):yes:
  12. to travel i have a great prada carry-on (kids toys and food) and usually take my everyday bag (now ysl muse) to carry everything else. Then i pack an evening bag either chanel or prada. I hate that i cant have all my stuff with me when i travel. you want to look great every time you step out but it's too much to pack a bag for every outfit.

    Shoes-- that's a whole other problem...
  13. I never bring designer bags on vacation with me... I'm paranoid that I'd get pick-pocketted or mugged...
  14. I've always taken the advice of travel writers to not carry anything you're not willing to lose. Tourists are targeted, and they especially are in Europe where pickpocketing is mostly overlooked by the police. Even if you could press charges, you'll be in another country by the time a court case comes up, and that doesn't include any other court dates.
  15. A girl I know took 5-6 suitcases for a week trip to New York because she wanted shoes and a purse for every outfit. She ended up having her iPod and 1,000 worth of jewelry stolen.

    I wouldn't do that. I might take a medium-sized purse that doesn't badly clash with the clothes I take and is suitable for just walking around or going somewhere nice for dinner. I'd take only the jewelry that I "permanently" wear [2 sets of earrings, a watch, and my Perun's Axe pendant that NEVER comes off]

    I've learned NEVER to take a bag to a concert with standing-only. I went to see Yngwie Malmsteen last April and I ended up setting my bag on my feet and obsessively looking down every now and then because my back was hurting from standing for 5 hours. I had to stand in place for the whole show or I'd lose my spot [which is perfectly in front] so no sitting down or leaving my purse with my dad at the bar in the middle of the show. I'm only bringing a wallet and a cellphone and they're going in my pockets...also, NO PATENT LEATHER DOC MARTINS, NO MATTER HOW COOL THEY LOOK because nobody looks enough at my feet for me to not wear much-comfier tennishoes.