Do you WEAR a bag or USE a bag?

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Do you WEAR a bag or USE a bag?

  1. Wear - After all its an accessory

  2. Use - You use it to carry things in

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  1. I know that you 'wear' and 'use' a bag, but which one would you say?

    When I go out shopping with my sis I might say 'Oh, I could wear this bag with my blue jacket' and she would reply 'What? You don't wear a bag, you use it'. Since then I asked some friends their opinion and they all said you 'use' a bag. (Although these friends are not bag people at all).

    I see my bag as an accessory that you wear, same as say shoes or watches.

    What does you guys think?
  2. "Use" my bag. If I am in the mood and it doesn't "match" as brown/brown, black/black...who cares my bag alone makes a statement!
  3. I really 'use' my bags. Only in this Forum and when describing bags that I am selling do I say 'wear'.
  4. I totally WEAR my bag. I dont even usually carry that much stuff, all i need is my cell,keys, wallet, and sunglasses which i usually have on anyways. Whenever I have a big bag it seems wierd because I am trying to find stuff to fill it. Since I change my bags everyday to match my outfit I am defantly one who wears her bag.
  5. I basically use my bags .........
  6. I use my handbags. I don't think I really dress around them.
  7. Use, mostly. Though I do want my bags to be attractive and make a statement, if they can't hold what I need to carry or aren't practical or comfortable to wear/carry, they stay in the store.
  8. Well, I guess a bit of both. Wear in that I try to co-ordinate, but use in that I wouldn't just carry a bag for nothing, it's usually got something in there (like my wallet!) that's useful. :smile:
  9. My first priority is to the use my bags to carry things in. So, I assess all the things I am going to carry and pick a bag that closely matches the size I need. If I have more than one bag that can carry my stuff, then I usually pick the one that matches/accessorizes my outfit. I think if I purchase a bag for its function, I will keep the bag for much longer. However, if I buy a bag to simply use as an accessory I will probably get bored with it easily and use it for a short time.
  10. Ditto!!!:shame: :love:
  11. semantically, i always say that i could 'carry' a bag with a certain thing or whatever. i guess it's somewhere between use and wear.

    usually when i first get a bag, i wear it - i dress around it, i make sure it looks perfect, etc. after the newness wears off, i carry it.
  12. My goal for the "perfect" one that looks great AND carries all I need and keeps me organzied. I carry my bag, but my bag carries me through my days :smile: lol
  13. I wear my bag :biggrin: Its a fashion statement and I thijnk a lot can be told about a person from their bag...well not ALWAYS but a lot of the time. I can be shopping and see a bag that just screams out that its something a friend or family member would wear :biggrin:
  14. From my point of view - anything that is a part of your outfit, you are "wearing" ! (et al: your bag, shoes, scarf, jewelry, whatever else).
  15. I...Wear - After all its an accessory

    It depends on the day. If it's a busy day I grab the biggest bag in my collection. But...still I would try to match it with my outfit. So I guess that's another "wear" right there. LOL