Do you waterproof bags made with saffiano leather

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  1. Hi! I just bought a beautiful Sutton Satchel in electric blue. I asked the shop assistant whether I need to use a waterproof spray on the bag before I start using it. She said no but seemed not very unsure. So I came back home and email Michael Kors' customer service and left message on their facebook. It has been a week now and I haven't heard back from them. Frankly I'm very unimpressed with their customer service.

    Anyway, I'm hoping to know if I will need to waterproof my new bag. And how oil resistant is saffiano leather? I'm hoping the handles will not get darker since the colour of the bag is so light. Thanks in advance.
  2. I personally haven't water proofed any of my saffiano leather bags. Only last week though I did a Radley stain protector on my coral items, more to try and help against dirt and denim transfer as that's what I'm more worried about. Last December I got absolutely drenched by rain walking round a Christmas market, I was carrying my Selma messenger in deep pink and wasn't worried at all, by this point I really couldn't do anything. The bag seemed fine and it got packed away. I took it out of its dust bag a month or so later and nearly died! The under side of the bag had white water marks all over it from the rain! I quickly wiped it with a warm, wet cloth and dried it and they instantly went and I can't see anything wrong with the bag, it looks perfect. So this had me thinking that what ever MK does in the leather process really must protect the leather.
    That's just my experience so far, I was so happy when the marks just went with a quick wipe
  3. Wow, awesome! Good to know!
  4. Everyone seems to have a different opinion, but I agree with Suz82. I've never had to treat my saffiano leather. It's stain, scratch and water resistant because the leather is pre-treated. It's not like your traditional virgin leathers that need to be babied. If you get dirt or oils on it, just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

    For lighter colored saffiano leather, the only thing to be concerned about is color transfer from darker, non-colorfast fabrics. (e.g., make sure your dark denim jeans don't rub against it)
  5. I have never treated my Saffiano bag, i wore mine in the rain multiple times and it just dries. That is the idea behind this kind of leather -low maintenance- scratch, water and stain resistant.
  6. Never did anything to my saffiano bags, that was the whole reason I bought that type of leather. So low maintenance. :smile:
  7. Saffiano leather is heavily coated and textured. It's made almost waterproof and it's very scratch resistant. No treatment needed.