do you watch scary movies/shows?

  1. i used to, but not anymore.

    last night i saw the preview for the new halloween movie...undoubtly michael is NOT dead and has come back for his baby sister (wtf??)...won't be seeing that...a year ago, yes! i would have already had tickets!

    the music from the movie preview freaked me out so i flipped the channel to a&e...dead body on screen! it was another 48 - the show where they follow killers and investigate homicides...didn't watch that either.

    it's almost like i remember in high school. unsolved mysteries would come on with that creepy music and it always seemed like the killer was last seen near my state!

    i used to be the horror movie queen, and nothing really scared me. but then i went to see hostel. i almost cried in it. but saw didn't even scare me! the next day, still on his scary movie high, my friend sent me a link to this evil website called rotten. it freaked me out so bad that i had to do multiple prayers to get those images out of my head. :crybaby:my friend had to come over in the middle of the night before i would go to bed. took me about two weeks to get over that movie and site.

    it stopped me dead in my tracks from watching anything scary again. :tdown:

    do you watch scary movies or scary tv shows? or are you the kind of person that does not scare easily?
  2. I scare easily, yet I CANNOT help it, I will watch scary movies....sometimes I look forward to watching them but plan ahead to make sure someone will be with me later on that night :rolleyes:

    And if I'm home alone and see a scary movie commercial I change the channel momentarily
  3. I'm addicted to scary movies/tv shows and anything related. I haven't been truly scared in quite a while... I think the last time I was really scared (and I mean brought to tears, literally) was when I saw The Exorcism of Emily Rose. This was the first time in a MANY, MANY YEARS that I had been so scared.

    When younger (and more obsessed with gore and horror) my mum used to say I'd go insane LOL., Faces of Death, true crime books, anything on serial killers, and Tartan Asia Extreme (among many other things) were my daily bread.
  4. Never! I'm SUCH a baby, I've actually watched the ring & then walked home alone in the dark after it & wasn't that scared.. was proud of myself. Usually scary 'kids' programs will scare me LOL..

    Even like reading magazines if you see an article about a murder I have to cover the face of the murderer & the victim before I can read the article cos I get scared lool..thats if I even read the article!
  5. i love them alll...i get scared but not to the point where i won't ever watch it...the only movie that freaks me out is The Exorcist...i can't watch it alone or at night or in the day...i get scared but other then that im all for it:p
  6. I watch them but they still freak me out.
  7. I love them! Now my 15 y.o. son is also a scary movie fanatic. I now have a movie buddy!
  8. I adore scary movies!! But they do scare me. I refuse to go into our attic, thanks to "The Grudge"!! "The Ring" scraed the cr*p outta me, too. But my all-time favorite scary movie is "The Exorcist".

    At 44, I will still take a running leap into the bed to avoid the horrible thing which I am sure is under there just waiting to grab my ankles and pull me down.
  9. I'm OK with suspenseful movies but gory movies...NO WAY!! I just don't watch them!
  10. I've probably only watched a handful of them in my lifetime. I'm pretty much a big 'ol scaredy-cat. The only ones I can remember seeing recently are:

    The Shining
    The Ring (seriously scary & disturbing)
    1408 (actually not that bad)

    I can safely say that not even if someone paid me thousands of dollars would I see some of the hard-core scary movies like The Omen or The Exorcist. Even typing their titles creeps me out!!