Do you wash your premium denim at home or send to cleaners


Mar 6, 2006
I don't like washing my premium denim at home cause then I don't like to wear them to dress up anymore and I don't want them to shrink. I prefer taking them to the cleaners, but sometimes I think they put them on the washer machine even though I specify dry clean only.

Do you think if you tell them dry clean only they still put them on the washer machine.
Yes. I think some laundromats do this and they just tell you they dry-cleaned it. Also, some laundromats send their stuff out to be dry-cleaned by someone else, and they have no control over whether that second person dry cleans them or just washes them.
Eh, I just wash mine in cold water, put them on air-dry in the dryer and haven't ever had problems. Plus, I agree with Shu, a lot of dry-cleaners will just throw them into the wash.
Also dry cleaning breaks down the fibers in clothing.
I read an article in GQ last year about this, they recommended men not dry cleaning their suits more than 3-4 times/year. I was laughing SO hard becasue my DH would need about 100 suits to get him through the year if we did that!
Our own dry cleaner has recommended that I wash some of DH's business wear and bring it to her for pressing to make them last longer.

That said, I ONLY take Dry Clean only to the cleaners!
This may sound gross to some but they still look and smell ok, but I wear mine on and off for about 3-4 weeks at a time because I hate that fresh and clean feel of denim. That being said, I only have to wash them once a month so I put them on the gentle cycle in my washer and hang dry them. Unless they need to be drawn up a bit, then to the dryer they go.
I wash them at home, unless there are a lot of delicate details like suede decorations or embroidery (not that I have a lot of that). But normally, I just wash them cold and iron them.
I used to wash mine, but found that no matter how carefully I followed instructions, the jeans would gradually lose shape and wear out. I now dry-clean, and love it!