Do you wash salads before eating?


Do you wash prepackaged salads

  1. Yes - I just don't trust them

  2. No - It should be good enough.

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  1. I'm talking about the pre-packaged salad mix. Most of them has "cold water washed" printed on the bag. No matter what they say I still wash mine before eating. I just wanted to see if I'm a paranoid or what :sweatdrop:
  2. Yes... just a habit.
  3. I never do. I figure it should be okay. I know there was the issue w/ the spinach that time, but that seemed to be a fluke. Really, it seems like everything has the propensity to make you sick, cause cancer, etc. It's kind of crazy.
  4. and even if you washed that spinach, that type of bacteria is "IN" the spinach and can't be washed away. Washing it would have gotten you nowhere.
  5. You are right!

    That is why I love my spinach cooked... Italian style with lots o garlic!
  6. I always wash produce, even if it's been pre-washed. Food safety trainers tell you to use a diluted veggie wash every single time no matter what. You would not believe how sick you can get from produce. Trust me, I'm not a member of the germ police. I've just heard some disturbing things...
  7. I don't eat prepackaged salad, but I do wash my salad better than anyone I know.
  8. Absolutely. I'd scrub them with soap and water if I could. I'm a germaphobe!:wtf:
  9. No. I don't make my own salads often though.
  10. I rarely make my own salads. When we have special family dinners, we buy those pre-packaged, pre-washed Caesar's Salad packages. :yes: No one in my family has ever gotten sick from it *knock on wood*. IMO, if it was already rinsed there's not much more you can do. The only REAL way to kill all the germs is to boil it or steam it, but then you'd have a cooked salad. ???
  11. Yes, I wash/rinse everything at least twice, even package salad.
  12. Yes, i'm a grerm freak. Everything has to be clean. :yes:
  13. I never buy the pre-packaged salad stuff - after the bacteria break outs & seeing how fast a bag of that stuff goes bad - I don't trust it at all.....

    I buy my own seperate greens & veggies for salads & wash everything.
  14. I rarely make salads at home, but if I buy prepackaged stuff, I usually trust it and use it out of the pack. I'm sure I eat enough bacteria and germs when I eat out anyway.
  15. I always try to. Sometimes I'm lazy though. Think about the kinds of people that harvest them..they're probably not the most hygienic type.