Do you wash new bed linens before putting them on your bed?

  1. I do... not only do they feel cleaner but I think they feel softer too!

  2. Yes, all my bedding must be washed in Tide Lavender...smells so good you just want to wrap yourself in them.

  3. Same here. I want to get any manufacturing chemicals off them.
  4. always
  5. yeap. wash mostly everything or is sent to the dry cleaners.
  6. Always!! No exceptions! Most textiles being produced in factories are usually thrown to the side or left on the floor so you have no idea how dirty unwashed fabrics are!
  7. I always wash first. Sheets, blankets, anything that goes on the bed always will be washed first.
  8. I always wash clothes, sheets, etc before using. You don't know what kinda stuff is on there..yuck
  9. Yes, definitely.
  10. My friends in retail have told me stories about taking back merchandise that was used and having the back room people steam the items and put them back on the floor with new tags. It is more common then you think and this was in very high end retail stores...... I wash everything first.
  11. Wow, old thread, but still relevant given that everyone buys new bed linens. I always wash before use. Textiles are commonly sent via ship, and the journey can take a very long time. They are often coated with or at least packaged with pesticides and fungicides to prevent contamination before reaching retail, and some of those chemicals are nasty.
  12. Same here, linens and towels get washed first before using.

    Towels got to be washed several times, to get them to become absorbent. When they're brand new, they don't soak up the moisture very well, do they?
  13. Always. You never know where they've been stored or how they were handled prior to reaching the store so I always make sure they're washed just to make sure they're clean.
  14. No, and I thought it was just me. It's almost like there's a repellent on them.
  15. yes! got a new quilt from anthropologie and straight it went into the washer. Clothing, kitchen goods, it all gets washed first. As has mentioned before don't know where its been or who touched it before. How many times have you seen someone leave a restroom w/out washing their hands and then proceed to shop in the mall? Now imagine them looking at sheets clothing or imagine them coming out of the company restroom of a manufacturing store.

    Plus as has been mentioned how things are prepared to make them look good needs to be washed off.