Do you want ur 5 mins of fame ??

  1. They are casting for some reailty shows

    Check out the shows we are currently casting:

    Want a destination wedding? Apply to Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? now!

    Are you gaga for glamour? Catch the Fashion Frenzy with Style!

    Need help getting over a lost love? Check in to Relationship Rehab!

    Let Style Network's Clean House address your mess

    Style's How Do I Look? lets you show how much you care

    Breaking style statutes left and right? Fashion Police wants you!
  2. If this was a year ago I'd apply for the wedding show :P yesss I would love for someone else to pay for my wedding LOL
  3. Just put in for the home overhaul...LOL

    Joe's side of the bad (after he's put stuff away)

  4. I want someone else to pay for my wedding too! LOL, it's in two years or so though.
  5. hahahah
  6. Ugh.... I really don't want my dirty laundry aired out for millions of ppl cuz that's prolly what'll happen if you're on a reality show!
  7. No way! Anyway, I'd want the whole 15 minutes, if it had to be.
  8. Reality shows? Pah, that's not 5 minutes of fame, that's 5 minutes of shame as they show you to be shallow, brainless and full of neuroses, or whatever else they want to make you sound like to gather audience.

    I want my full legal 15 minutes too! :biggrin:
  9. Hee hee. Very funny, Perja! Agreed!
  10. I could never do a reality show. It's not "reality" anyhow the way they edit. I have to admit though, I'm a reality show addict!
  11. i would love to do it but i am to far away.
  12. Me too! Haha I'm watching the ANTM marathon on Vh1 right now