Do you want to see my mousse paddy?

  1. As most of you know I recently sold three bags on Ebay a Chloe Silverado, a Balenciaga box, and a Balenciaga first.

    My closet was a little barren and I felt compelled to add a Chloe; so, I bought a mousse paddy from Chloe South Coast Plaza.

    The pics were taken in my car - well, because the DH hasn't been introduced to this one yet. :amuse:

    The color is slightly darker in real life; but, it is quite nice.
    IMG_0415.JPG IMG_0414.JPG IMG_0413.JPG
  2. Ohh it's so pretty, and I LOVE the silver hardware!
  3. I love it. Great color!
  4. Thanks alot....NOW my 9 year old daughter wants me to buy this one too!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I've said it a few times, but it's beautiful :nuts: :love: Such a cool color!
  6. Thank you ladies ... Cristina - you know where I am headed, how fun, O'paddy gets to go to DQ its first night in Colorado. :P
  7. lmao! :lol: Talk about O'paddy living the high life :P

    Oh, the coffee grinder miraculously started working now, lo and behold. Ah, tomorrow morning/afternoon will be good :nuts:

    Back on topic now :shame: The hardware looks shinier than the matte gold of the regular paddy hardware - is it?
  8. I'm so jealous :love:
  9. Wow! I love it. That color is beautiful!
  10. That's how we roll ;)

    Yes, the silver hardware is shinier than the matte gold.

    Nawth - soon you and I are going to paddy twins. I am crossing my fingers that LVR gets it right for you this time.

    The time has come - O'paddy is off to blizzardy goodness. :lol:
  11. :lol: Paddy twins. I sure hope they still have some mousses left, my return should be there by tues/wed :cry:
  12. *dies* That is GORGEOUS!!!! I'm so sad that I missed the Mousse Zippy by a day. I LOVE the color. Enjoy!!!
  13. Congrats, Loganz! The color is beautiful .
  14. I love love love the color :love: Congrats!
  15. Gorgeous!!! Does it have a greenish tint to it? I LOVE the silver hardware. Congrats!!