Do you want to scream..mines not fake!!!!

  1. Cause, I dont.....and I cant really grasp why so many people are either concerned that their bag will be viewed as fake or that the fakes will some how lessen the value of the piece and so on....

    I dont like fakes just as much as alot of you lovely ladies but, I really dont care if anyone thinks its fake or what not. It only speaks loudly on their behalf that they are not familar and care wayyy to much about it....

    I know that some ladies even say that LVs are way over copied and dont like the line b/c of it...but....I dont see why....

    What is your view on this?
  2. I feel that there are replicas of alot of things out there. I'm not going to stop buying something because there are too many fakes of that particular item.

    I don't care if anyone thinks my bags are fake, the most important thing is that I know they're not!
  3. I'm with you, who cares if you know it's real? I buy them for me, not for anybody else! I still love the mono even though it's the most copied line.
  4. Exactly!!!!:yes:
  5. I totally agree with all of you. :yes: I just need MYSELF to KNOW that MY bags are authentic, don't care if others know it or not. I don't even care if their bags are authentic or not. :shrugs: :P
  6. I hate fakes.

    However, I have no need to tell people my bags are real. I don't care what anyone else thinks of my bags. I buy them because I love LV and all of their bags! I buy them for me and no one else.
  7. I don't hate fakes and don't care if someone has one or even thinks my LV is fake.

    I know others have written that they get dirty looks when they carry their bag but I haven't noticed. In fact the only time I've seen someone eye my bag is a woman who was carry a real one too (but mine was better :graucho: ).
  8. You bought them because of me?! :nuts: Aww... :shame:

    Lol... :lol: Just being silly! :P
  9. I never worry about it because I know mine's real and people who know LV know it's real. And I bought it because I enjoy using it...not for any other reason! :supacool:
  10. Why does this seem like a spinoff of my thread? :lol:

    Let me be brutally honest. I don't buy Louis Vuitton to fit in with the masses or to be like everybody else. I buy it because I consider it to be an elite luxury item that not everyone has the taste or inclination to have. If I didn't care about what brand of purse I carried, I would buy a no-name leather bag. And it pisses me off that all of the fakes in the world detract from the beauty of the authentic ones - including my own.

    Usually, I can spot fakes from a mile away so I don't feel compelled to scream that mine is authentic - the difference is so obvious it's like, we both know you bought that purse on a sidewalk table in front of a Quizno's. But my Trouville is realllly bothering me since it's started to patina, for some reason. I just feel like it looks fake. I swear that in the past 2 years, I've only seen ONE authentic black MC bag in my area - ONE other than my own. Which just makes me feel like mine looks like one of the fakes because there are no real ones to compare it to. And I HATE the idea of looking cheap and tacky.
  11. I have been wondering this for a while and yes....I guess the idea sparked further from your thread too..I guess...but...not plz dont think that it is personal about you or your comments in any fashion....:yes:

    Hope your not taking any offense...:smile: Alot of ladies have voiced this before and it made me wonder b/c I am totally unaware of a fake effecting a real Louie...its like a state of mind or me...
    Just wanted to hear some views on it....:smile:
  12. I'm so glad I don't give a damn what others think one way or the other regarding my choice of bags,cars,etc,etc.It's nothing more than a
    big waste of time in my book.

    A confident individual would never worry about such trivial sh%t.
  13. I personally think it is sad that some people buy LV to impress other people and worry so much about what strangers think of them.

    I love the LV style and quality. However, I also have a Target bag that I love and that I get tons of compliments on, and if someone asks where it's from, I say Target. If they think less of me, that is THEIR problem.

    If a person has self-confidence and puts herself together well, she will look good with her LV no matter how many fakes are out there.
  14. Nope, I don't care either. I do hate fakes and think they're cheating the designers and they take away from the exclusivity of LV. As in, people who don't know about LV might think the real ones were also bought at some purse stand somewhere. But honestly, what does it matter? I buy my bags because I love them, not because I want to flaunt anything.
    I think too many people lately are worried about pleasing others instead of themselves.
  15. Short answer, yes :yes: