Do you want to open the box with me?

  1. I've received a parcel this morning...
  2. :sweatdrop:
  3. Exciting,isn't it?:graucho:
  4. :nuts: :drool: only one word:yeeeeeehhhaaaaa!!!:yahoo:
  5. Félicitations Anilouann on your First Spy!!!!
    It's gorgeous !!!!
    I'm sure now you'll want more ;)....
  6. I'm so happy(and definitely addict...).Thanks to this gorgeous Spy I've met a wonderfull person,called Saich...:dothewave:
    IMG_2046.jpg IMG_2049.jpg
  7. Hi Fromparis,you're on line?I can't stop thinking about you...and your next Spy!You're right,I want more!!!
  8. wow, it's gorgeous, congrats!! :yahoo:
  9. Wonderful Chocolate spy! Congratulations!!
  10. All I can say is... LUCKY GIRL!! Congrats! It looks great on you; you carry it so well. (I'm jealous! :graucho:)
  11. I'm back:yes: ...
    but my Spy is still in the mail...hopefully I'll receive it next week:rolleyes:
  12. YAY!! Congrats!! Saich's Spy was a perfect first choice for a SPY!!! Enjoy!!:dothewave:
  13. lovely!
  14. LOL, great post. I could really share you excitement. I recently got my first spy as well in black.

  15. Kuudos on the charming & original presentation ! Congrats on acquiring a most special spy bag, Saichs Choc-O - Lot! :dothewave:

    Its Bubble City on Saich pieces! It looks great in your modeling pics...:yahoo: