Do you want to help create cage comforters for NYC's homeless animals?

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  1. Here's what you can do if you are in New York City on Saturday, 17 November and just happen to have some time to spare :smile: All are welcome!

    Please help spread the word. Many thanks.

    On Saturday, November 17, 2-6pm at the Etsy Labs, we'll be hosting a special craftivism event.

    Join Jen (aka dillonDesigns), Rational Animal, and the Mayor's Alliance for Animals at Etsy Labs to create cage comforters for New York City's homeless animals. All materials will be provided. Help us reach our goal of making 100 comforters by sewing, stuffing and sending a little love their way.

    Cage comforters greatly increase a shelter animal's chance for adoption and makes their cage a more comfortable place to be as the winter chill kicks in.

    Enjoy gingerbread, animal crackers, spiced cider and the company of other compassionate Etsians to make a difference in the lives of animals this winter. You don't need to be an Etsy seller to attend. All are welcome!

    Check out The Etsy For Animals piece for more connections to Etsians who strive to make the world a better place for animals.
  2. Aww I live in Texas but I wanted to help:sad: Is there a way I can make it and send it or something like that?
  3. Thats really incredible of Etsy! I wish I lived closer to NYC. Enjoy and maybe you can tell us about if afterwards?
  4. Oh that sounds fun! I wish I don't live thousands of miles away :sad:
  5. kneehighz, Kittybag and sarahcantik, thanks for replying :smile: kneehighz, if you're not in the NYC area, you can still send in your comforters :biggrin: Sorry, I should have mentioned this earlier:

    I'll be there in spirit as I live in Singapore :smile:
  6. Oh I would love to do this, what a great thing to do! Sadly, I don't live anywhere near NYC. But I am going to check out that link! Thanks for posting this, passerby!
  7. yayyyyyyyyy thanks for the link
  8. Thanks for this link. I ran to the thrift store and found fabric remnants, some already quilted, and whipped up 9 comforters for less than $6.00.
  9. hermesgroupie, that's great!
  10. Ladies, Dillondesigns says many thanks for the help! She also mentioned that you "don't even need to use real fabric, since old towels make fabulous blankets."
  11. okay sorry i am dumb but where in NYC is this? i can't find it on the website?
  12. halona, thanks for asking! It will be from 2 pm to 6 pm and here's EtsyLabs' address:
    BioEtsy Labs is the gooey nougat center of the Etsy Executive Offices. We're located at 325 Gold Street on the 6th Floor in Brooklyn, NY.

    Jen of Dillondesigns says thanks to everyone for their help in this.
  13. My church is collecting blankets and comforters for the local shelter animals for winter. I'm taking some over there tomorrow.

    I hope the NYC event is really successful!
  14. Pat, that's wonderful! Hope your church gets lots of blankets and comforters.
  15. Beautiful peson:heart: