Do you want to build a snowmaaaaan?

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  1. I've been so into the songs from Frozen that I keep humming them all day long! It has nothing to do with this post, but who caaaares? I'm on cloud 9! Who's up for a reveal??

    I beat the price increase too :biggrin:! I didn't know that the price increase applies to new release items, but the SA told me it does. Fact for fiction? We shall see on Monday!



  2. Here!
  3. Let's see:smile:
  4. is it alma bb?
  5. Here!!
  6. Here
  7. Here :smile:
  8. My two 12 year old daughters have been singing that since we saw the movie in November - LOL!
  9. Did this reveal fizzle out and stop?
  10. :couch:

  11. Maybe it melted
  12. :popcorn:
  13. :lol:
  14. Sorry!! I was uploading the pictures but my phone died midway :'( sorry! I'm using my boyfriend's phone, but the photos are on my phone and I'm out at dinner. I'll post it as soon as my phone is up! Promise!!
  15. It's a pile of sticks, a carrot, some scatterd coal, and an old top hat...(maybe we can use the left over magic in the hat to get this reveal going again) :smile: . .