Do you want to Attract some Attention? The perfect Blinding Kooba...LOL

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  1. Is this overkill? Will you go blind if you stare at it too long? And where do you wear this kind of bag to? Walmart??? LOL

  2. :nuts:
  3. Wow that is one shiny bag! It's kind of cute -- especially with the outfit that the model is wearing. But I don't know where I would be able to wear it -- the only time I would wear something that shiny is it if it was small (like a clutch) and I was going out at night!

    What bag is this?
  4. It looks like its wet....or covered in oil. If I had to say what it was made out of, I would say Frogskin!!!! :lol:

    Think I'll pass on that one.
  5. i do NOT like that.
  6. haha, definitely not for me!
  7. Hi, everyone. I think I would tire of that one in....say.....27 seconds. Long enough to find my sunglasses in order to actually look at it. But, I love Kooba!!
  8. Nevermind the frog skin Wesson bag... what on earth are the handles made of? Eeek!
  9. LOL..I didnt really notice those until you pointed it out! They look like the cables that connect my PC to the plug sockets!!! :p
  10. I kinda like it if it's made out of a patent leather type material. Those handles however, have got to go.
  11. I couldn't find this one on Shopbop, but then again, the image was so startling that I didn't need to see it again to remember it!! :smile: I did see the little silver mini-clutch and I like it. Any chance anyone has a source for a discounted one?
  12. Oops, it's not a clutch - they are calling it a "mini small cinched satche;."
  13. I think it's a great bag if you have a glam lifestyle..naturally that would be me. :p
  14. I think it's adorable! Perfect for the opera! :smile: