"Do you want more bags.." <- DH!!!

  1. Last night was a complete nightmare. Came home from a long day at work, football practices, and errands hoping to relax. I made my way to my humble closet to open it and find...ANTS!!! I couldnt believe it...a huge thick line of black ants crawling up the wall where my bags were. All I could do was grab as many purses and throw into the bedroom. DH walks in to see me basically tearing apart my closet. Need less to say after a half a can of Raid, the fan on full power, and all the windows open the ant invasion was no more. So now what...

    Well DH was counting the purses on the ground. Mind you he is used to everything in the room cover in purses whenever I get a whimsical need to reorganize. So he was suprised to see that only the floor had purses. He counts...then recounts again. He looks at me then counts again. So out of the blue he ask...

    "Honey do you want more bags? Where did they go???"

    Well of course I cant refuse such a generous and wholehearty request to grant me the most loved and desired wish..(more H please). So what am I to say to this? Of course I said yes!

    Now the planning..what to get? Where is my collection now and where do I want it to go? Have I explored all styles of H and how about the leathers? I dont have ostrich...is ostrich something to get? I want to plan this right. DH didnt give me a "cost limit" just an "amount limit". If it is Hermes I am able to get 4 purses. So I need suggestions, evaluations on current collection...

    Colors I'm considering:
    Juane (must be reseller!)
    Brighton Blue


    What do you think????
  2. go for ostrich and croc as fast as your chariot will take you, lol!!!!!:roflmfao:
  3. seriously now ostrich is excellent excellent excellent bag, you cannot go wrong, it is light wears well and of course is just super.

    tons of brighton blue around now to give you choices and it is so pretty!!!! wow you sure do have a nice honey!
  4. LOL HC. I was thinking about ostrich. But I've heard that the little bumps can sometimes peel off. It scares me!

    I already have 2 crocs and 1 lizard. I was thinking that a nice 25cm croc Birkin would be nice. But then again what color would be good?
  5. SP - your DH is so sweet! what about a 25 kelly/birkin croc in saffron? (that's a friend's HAC in the middle)
  6. maybe a size 25/30 birkin or 25/28 kelly will do since saffron is such a bright color! :nuts:
  7. if you are doing a 25cm croc birkin how about brighton blue, very pretty!
  8. Oh MY! that is gorgeous! Is that color still available for SO? Or do you think it is something I'm gonna have to find?
  9. OH this combo reminds me of Gina_b's Kelly! I have this real urge to get Kellys. I saw a lovely Vert Anis lizard kelly a while back. I fell like such a idiot for not getting it:push:.

    PazT- Dont you have a Blu Roi ostrich Kelly???
  10. my friend got her's from Paris 2-3 yrs. ago. i'm not sure if it's available for SO. check your local store. :heart:
  11. very much agreed.
    i love ostrich leather, in fact i prefer it to croc... i think it's more "youthful" if you pardon the expression
  12. OMG -- can you have your DH call my DH? :p
  13. saffron or poudre:smile: in croc! :girlsigh:
  14. Thanks PazT! I'll put in a call to my SA. I would love this color in a Kelly with GH!
  15. Oh that I could have such a dilemma - LOL
    I would be just like you if I had this choice ahead of me. Wanting to make sure of the right color/leather/size combo.
    There are just so many beautiful H colors & leathers.
    I am planning for a 30cm Birkin next purchase, so I think you are heading in the right direction. Brighton Blue is a lovely color and since purple is my favorite color raisin would be a first choice for me.
    Have fun~~