do you want it badly enough to....

  1. Say you had a 35 cm croc birkin coming around the corner and say you felt just tiny bit guilty for maybe splurging again so maybe you think you should sell four or five of your standby bags (the ones you do not use regularly but you do not want to sell because you love them too much and they are gorgous)......

    is getting your paws on this croc birkin you are drooling over (that you will use a lot) enough to make you weed out four or five of your standby's??? put aside the theory if you do not use it a lot you should move to a home that will use it more.....what happens when you get your croc birkin, will you miss those standby's when you go to reach for them? or remind yourself how lucky you are to have new croc birkin? you could keep them all if you wanted to but something says something must go...and it is not like i do not already have croc.

    what to do??? :sad:
  2. Obviously, if you can afford to keep all of them...why sell any?

    If you think you need to be prudent then I would sit myself down and ask myself what have I really worn/not worn and work accordingly. Sometimes we buy things for the life style we would like to have, but reality intervenes and those purchases just sit in the closet. So if you feel that this is the case for some of your bags, then it is time to evaluate and perhaps send them to a new and loving home!:smile:

    Edited to add: But you already knew that LOL!
  3. Oh HC I was in the same situation. Sell the standby bags and get your Croc. You'll never regret a CROC!
  4. i even considered well do i need more than one croc...and the answer is kinda well not really but i looooooovvvvveeee them all.
  5. SELL!!!!!! Buy Croc!!!!!!!!!
  6. :roflmfao:Oh honey, don't we all!
  7. GK i think this one applies to your suggestion:

    i have two standby's in mind that i am pretty okay with sending to new homes...but not sure on one certain one, there is one i pick up all the time and admire at how gorgy it is but truth be told i almost never take it out because i always have something else that is a smack bang perfect for my event, KWIM???

  8. This is your museum piece. Sometimes we have to keep something just for the beauty of it. I feel that way about my raisin box 35 cm that I NEVER use.
  9. this croc birkin is what i call a knockout bag, it really is my grail i supose! so why am i floundering, maybe i am very attached to what i have right now, i love them for each one's special traits...
  10. Is this a definite that this croc B. is or will be available to you or is this pie in the sky? They are very hard to come by, so the bags that you might send off, are they easier to replace if at some future time you wish to have them back? That make sense or did I confuse you:confused1:
  11. you hit that nail on the head for me, GK!!! yes, it is too beautiful for me to get rid of, i fell in love with it at first sight.
  12. yes, absolutely, the ones i am thinking to send off can be relatively easy to buy, the croc birkin is a definite too, i am waiting for it to arrive.
  13. if money is not an issue, i say keep them all.
  14. Sell 'em baby! Get the croc and who knows what you might want in the future.
  15. i feel like the trading floor, lol.